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HArFactor Latemodel 2.10

By: HAR Motorsports
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 30-Dec-08
Current release: 2.100, on 28-Mar-09

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Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: donaldrussell32
Screenie by: dwracing
Screenie by: dwracing
Screenie by: dwracing
Screenie by: dwracing

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HAR Motorsports is proud to present... HArFactor Latemodel Version 2.0 This latemodel has been in development for almost a full year. This new latemodel was built from the ground up in all departments. It hosts Physics built from scratch, using some real life data, but to keep the fun in the mod we also used some tweaked numbers to get a better racing aspect from the latemodel.

The new latemodel hosts 3 versions. Crate, SUPR and Topless. The Crate latemodel was built for a more beginner level as this car has lower Horsepower and Torque Curves. The SUPR/Topless is near identical physics and engines. But, is a car for the more advanced dirt latemodel racer due to the high Horsepower and Torque Curve hosted by these two cars. All versions host a fully adjustable rear steer physics, soft/hard tire compounds that have they're own unique characteristics, that will make for some great racing if the drivers can manage soft's on a medium run against the long wear of a hard compound.


The Paint Shop Pro Template may not be compatible with anything lower then Version 9.0. I only tested it with that version.

If interested in Painting a Car and wanting it included with the Initial Release of the HArFactor Latemodel you can email your skins in ZIP/RAR format to strunk @


Thanks to Dan Nisbet for modeling our new latemodel, HAR Motorsports Beta Testers, Development Team and all Painters who submitted skins.

Special Thanks to HAR_AR_Racer - for doing dozens of skins for this mod. Also a big thanks to HAR_Bandit, Jomax, TA, Birky and others for submitting skins and all your time put into the new Latemodel.

Thank you,
HAR Motorsports Administration

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Car Skins

There are currently no car skins available for HArFactor Latemodel. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.

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hi there, im very new to this game and have a question.. when i race this mod on any track (even when my wheel is straight or even turning left) the car wants to go head first towards the outside wall down the straightaways... does anyone know a setup or anything else to help?? thanks
jakattack1 on Jul-05-2011

Sorry - it is not easy finding any answers on here....

Is this game for Windows only, or is there a Mac version for download?

Much appreciated!! You can email me at or reply on here, thanks again!
EngstromGraphics on Apr-11-2011

when does this game come out or has it already came out if so how do i play it
redneck26a on Dec-22-2010

I have downloaded the mod, but it was the manual version, though Im pretty sure I have everything in the correct folder when I get in the game and choose HAR Factor I do not have any cars. Any ideas? Or would someone tell me where to get an auto install mod

thanks JB
budracer1 on Nov-15-2010

where is the download link!
kingshane74 on Jul-06-2010

The HAR latemodel mod was really only intended for online racing and does not have good AI support built in to it. The only latemodel mod with good AI for offline racing is the dirtfactor mod. ken
kslater on Mar-24-2010

This is such a great mod. Thanks for all of your hard work.

But, am I the only one having problem with the AI cars off line? The AI cars are all over the track, spinning and banging off the wall and driving through the infield during the race, off line.

Is there a way to fix this?
nebraskadirt on Mar-23-2010

Sim Racing League Central
Find a League, Post a League. A place to get ur league out there.
cumms on Dec-11-2009

Wow the New Picture with SideBySide upfront and 4Wide right behind them is AwlSum ...And whats more amazin when enlarged its Lap 4
__MarkB on Jun-01-2009

Hart11 we would be happy to help ya out,just go to the HAR site= and we will walk ya thur all ya need,there is also info for our Ventrillo which we can talk ya thur it eazier.Hope to see ya!!!
__MarkB on May-02-2009

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