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HDR Mod ENB for rFactor and RBR 2.10

By: RSmithdrift (Ryan Smith)

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: RSmithdrift
Screenie by: RSmithdrift
Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach
Screenie by: Yarach

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UPDATE 03-14-2012

I added the contrast options back and made it simple as possible to install now and change options simple and easy. Also improved fps a tiny bit. This is prolly going to be the last change for a very long time if i even ever touch it again.

UPDATE 03-12-2012

There is now only 1 option that is easy to install (put d3d9 and enbseries in games main folder) and has a minimal fps hit, corrected an error making things too saturated at night or in heavy shadow, so now more realistic natural color correction changes to light. And fixed the bloom effect from "overblooming" in certain situations... All in all a big upgrade from the old one.

UPDATE 10-19-11

I found I had made the tree's too dark so I fixed that problem. Also their is now a choice of HIGH CONTRAST and LOW CONTRAST along with the HIGH END LOW END options. Please see readme for new install instructions

Please use top "mediafire" link it is the new version. The link that says HDR Mod yada yada is the old one. Make sure the file you d/l says UPDATED at the end of it.



I created this ENBseries by going through the instruction in the plugins actual website so what that means is that the effects that are used (reflections, bloom, shadows, colorcorrection, specular) are implemented CORRECTLY for a change. I've seen so many HDR mods similar to this that everything is enabled in crazy ways with values the plugin cant even understand that make them not work properly. My Bloom is now adjusted constantly based on the overal brightness level of the screen on a delay (1000ms) the way it was meant to be. And I think you'll like my color correction settings. They don't alter the colors themselves but simply brings out the color and contrast that already exists in a natural and realistic way. (but still to each their own)

The settings are optimised for a shader 2.0 ati graphic card so if you have a NON ATI (esp nVidia) or a newer card that can do direct x 10 and shader 3.0 or better I HIGHLY suggest that you read the readme file so that you can optimise both the visuals and fps for you machine. You can achieve much better visuals with no fps loss if you have a shader 3.0 gpu. :) I included a secondary enbseries file that's already optimised for a higher end ati card. :)

Here is a couple videos Sorry I don't have fraps so it's a camera filming the screen but whatever. Graphics on full with low contrast hdr enabled Proj D 2.3 s13 silvia used on Shomaru Outbound Clear (watch in hd 720p quality)

And the same run but of me actually driving in a OBS 180sx (again watch in 720p quality)

This is my mod I created for myself and thought I should share it with the community. and that said you may modify it as you wish.

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Latest HDR Mod ENB for rFactor and RBR Comments

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While driving on a road trip one day, I happened to be watching the utility road just off the freeway.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

1 will be coming soon because the AIW will be a little bit better :-D.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Put them into the packages directory of your rF2 data directory.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

Hi guys! I used enb long time but today do ctd @ all startups, after I remove enb rfactor works again. Don't know why do it. I use win 7 64 bit, any solution for this problem? I didn't reinstall the op.system or the game, or enb....I just want to drift a littlebit and crashed...
aMi3L on Feb-25-2014

hello guys,new to rFactor,right now installed this awesome mod for this awesome game. The thing is that i don't see any differences,or the mod doesn't activate by itself. I tried with Shift + F12 but also the FPS Counter doesn't work at all. If interesting,i'm using Windows 8.
theghost504 on Jan-06-2013

not working,
by the way. I am using Windows 8. Is there a problem with that
talibsyed on Nov-03-2012

good stuff,Let me try it
evilsimon on Jul-12-2012

Hi everyone!,

I downloaded this mod and noticed something still is not rigth. There was something wrong with the bloom. I took a look at a lot of pictures and how the light
falls in real life. I have added two screenshots of the game how it looks now. Too bad rFactor 1 does not have real time shadows, it would finidh the whole picture.

If you want my .ini ... feel free to send me an e-mail to

Yarach on May-09-2012

Unfortunately that is a problem with all hdr mods... because this type of mod uses post processing effects direct draw is being used after the fact so leaving the game causes a fatal error every time... AFAIK this is a problem that cannot be solved though I would love to be proved wrong
RSmithdrift on Mar-28-2012

First off all, thanx for great work,

but I have same problem, which had "sennannes".

After installing this mod ALT-TAB not working correctly, I can not minimize the game and then return again in game. This function is very important, is any possibility to fix this problem?
MuFaS on Mar-28-2012

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