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HM_Deer_Creek 1

By: HAR_RocK and HAR_Dirtfan
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 18-Mar-08
Current release: 1, on 18-Mar-08

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Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: Phathry25
Screenie by: Phathry25
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK
Screenie by: HAR_RocK

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Deer Creek Speedway is a high banked 3/8 mile dirt oval located west of Spring Valley, Minnesota.As close as we could get it.Close racing 3 wide.HAR_DIrtfan and HAR_RocK

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Realistic Track Surface
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I think this track was developed only for online racing like a number of other dirt ovals so can't be raced offline. ken
kslater on Aug-17-2012

AI is very bad go right into the pits when the race starts
heminewman on Aug-16-2012

The track is listed in the downloads at the HAR site ken
kslater on May-31-2012

Anyone have a Download link I love this track and I wish I could get it. Sorry about the bump
Wildman03 on May-30-2012

Would like to find and download this track. Looks like fun!
hoofhearted49 on Feb-02-2010

Have downloaded twice, once wih Download manager and once without, have checked files and positions numerous times but track will not open in RF, I get opening screen and the progress bar comes up but stalls at the very start. Other tracks that were giving me aggravation dowloaded OK once I got the manager working. Any ideas, angone else had trouble?
Huggy on Feb-18-2009

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