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HSO 1976 Formula Atlantic 1

By: Historic Simracing Organisation
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 21-Aug-13
Current release: 1, on 21-Aug-13

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Screenie by: Historic Simracing Organisation
Screenie by: Historic Simracing Organisation
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi

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I. Installation :

Extract the content of the archive file in your rFactor root folder.

II. Description :

By 1976 the Formula Atlantic was a well established and world wide spread formula. The biggest championships were in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, but smaller series also existed in South Africa, Ireland or Australia.

The mod contains cars mainly from the 1976 IMSA and CASC Formula Atlantic series (respectively the US and Canadian series). However several cars are from the British and South African series. Many future F1 or Indycar stars drove in Formula Atlantic that year, such as Gilles Villeneuve, James Hunt, Bobby Rahal, Alan Jones, Patrick Tambay and many others.

This mod is some sort of a big upgrade from the original Formula Atlantic mod from David Sabre. It comes with brand new physics for each chassis, lots of new historicaly accurate skins and graphic updates from David Sabre himself.

The Formula Atlantic cars are lightweight single seaters, powered by 1600cc Ford BDA engines, developping between 190 and 210 horsepower. Indeed, many engine tuners had a go at tweaking this engine, with various results. With so little power and weight, a 10 HP difference can make a big difference, and the engine at the back of the car will be almost as important as the chassis itself.

To make things easier, we spread the engine tuners into 3 different power outputs :

210 HP : Hart, Morris, Race Shop, Swindon
200 HP : McCoy, Nicholson, Traylor, Cook, Cosworth
190 HP : BSR, CRW

There are 6 different chassis in the mod. The fastest car is the March 76B, followed by the Chevron B35 and the Lola T450. The Ralt RT1 and Boxer PRA76 are average cars, and the outdated March 75B is the slowest chassis of the mod. But all in all, cars performances remain pretty close, only a March 75B with a 190 HP engine will be really struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack.

All cars are equiped with the same Goodyear tires, coming with 2 compounds, soft and hard. Soft tires should be good for 40-50 of racing but will suffer from heavy wear at that stage, while hard tires will have no problem with a 60-70 minutes race.

III. Thanks, sources and acknowledgments :

Physics : Guillaume Siebert, Alberto Ibanez
Original 3D models and updates : David Sabre
Additional skins : Jason White, Carl Larrad, Guillaume Siebert
Betatesters: Gregoire Goissen, Ben Paulet, Yannick Lampuré, Tiago Malafaya, Martin Audran, Richard Coxon, Vadim Sadoshenko, Jukka Maattanen, Yves Plaçais

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Improved Physics-engine models for Formula 1 cars, featuring all Rear Pull Rod suspensions, and for some models ( Ferrari and McLaren ) also Front Pull Rod suspensions;
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Very very fun mod. Cars are enjoyable, all pilots of that era are there, engines sounds are great, i can´t see anything wrong with it! Good job worth to donwload
parik on Apr-23-2016

Tried loading this mod over rFactor lite install, getting error loading texture 450a_win_s for material T450A_WINDOWS. Re-unzipped install file, same error. Any ideas?
vandem on May-01-2015

Me again...
So funny, even if the .rfm has SafetyCar = Hammer_PC.veh, the PaceCar is a formula Atlantic !

BTW, in the 80s, I did a few seasons helping the driver of a March 74b that had been converted to Under 2 liter Can-Am.
That car:
MotherDawg on Aug-16-2014

Hi all,
Looking for real FA setups, I found the following: 1976 calendar

04/11, IMSA, Road Atlanta, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
05/02, IMSA, Laguna Seca, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
05/09, IMSA, Ontario, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
05/30, CASC, Westwood, Marty Loft, March/Ford 76B
05/31, Croft, ???
06/13, CASC, Gimli, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
07/11, CASC, St. Jovite, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
08/03, Knockhill, ???
08/08, CASC, Atlantic Park, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
08/22, CASC, Mosport, Bobby Rahal, March/Ford 76B
08/29, IMSA, Mid- Ohio, Tom Klausler, Lola/Ford T460
09/05, Trois Rivières, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
09/19, IMSA, Road Atlanta, Gilles Villeneuve, March/Ford 76B
10/03, IMSA, Laguna Seca, Price Cobb, March/Ford 76B
MotherDawg on Jul-14-2014

24 skins with talent files for South African championship 1976 and 1977
ed76 on Jan-16-2014

Superb mod ,great physics, especially the tyre model. love it.
Tagtiss on Nov-26-2013

I was wondering if any track builders out there might be willing to help finish Gimli for the Canadian Atlantic series
the track is beautifully done but the AIW isn't working right
anyone ?
enfield on Nov-19-2013

we want (with Jonn'o) to a South African carset, so we are looking for photos of the cars of seasons 76 and 77

see here
ed76 on Oct-26-2013

congrats! very nice and funny mod!

is there a way for stronger steering forces? i tried the ingame settings with minimum assistence, but the difference between 1 an 3 is very little. force feedback setting is also set to 100 %. the realfeel to zero.

thanks! ivan
gabrovec on Sep-02-2013

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