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HZ-circuit Full Course 2

By: Erwin Greven
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Aug-10
Current release: 2, on 12-Jan-11

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Why was this track basically removed and unavailible to download. I really loved this track on my old pc. And now I cant even download this masterpeice. Can you at least pm me a working link please? This track is an absolute gem!
derpynacho on Jul-27-2016

Ive tried that too, but Im sorry to say that it doesnt work for me.
Perhaps there's some kind of interference with one of my other tracks.
nosslrac on Jan-25-2011

Originally posted by: nosslrac

Ive tried it both ways(map structure) now but neither works for me

The files work here.

when you choose for instance the clubcircuit the path should be:


Otherwise try to download the track separately.
erwin greven on Jan-18-2011

i will download the file and try it.
erwin greven on Jan-18-2011

Ive tried it both ways(map structure) now but neither works for me
nosslrac on Jan-17-2011

I did not realise that after it is unzipped, it has this map structure:
>HZ-Motorsports Facility
>>HZ-Motorsports Facility
>>><All the tracks>

Go to the locations map and cut and paste the second HZ-Motorsports Facility map out of its root map, the first HZ-Motorsports Facility map.
It should look like this:
>HZ-Motorsports Facility
>><All the tracks>
erwin greven on Jan-15-2011

Downloaded the large file from your post but none of the versions worked for me.
They load about 10% then rFactor closes down and I get the error report message from Windows.
Im running Windows XP and used the cars that came with rFactor.
nosslrac on Jan-15-2011

We are busy with a sollution for the links.

For those who have a good/fast internet connection, here is the link to ALL tracks combined in one pack. Extract whole zipfile to your Locations map.
erwin greven on Jan-14-2011

I will mail the admins how to upload all the tracks in such a way that all the tracks are easy to find.
erwin greven on Jan-13-2011

HZ-GP v2.0 only has GP track, v1.3 link dos not work? How can I get all HZ tracks?
Turbo2 on Jan-13-2011

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