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Haki Forest 1

By: Phil Blunt
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Dec-09
Current release: 1, on 24-Dec-09

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC

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Haki Forest by Phil Blunt: rfactor, GTR2, GTL, Race07/Evo/Race on

Haki Forest pronounced "hay - kee" is a Fictional Race course set within the vast forests of japan and spans a total of 3.19 km. the track its self features 36 Garage spots, 11 corners and 1 layout. challenges include fast swooping corners, a bank curve and some cambered S's. The course layout itself is quite fast and easy to learn but with loads of time for the camber mastering risk taking wall shaving drivers. my current PB stands at 1:07.4 in a Mitsu Evo (around 460bhp).

version differences:
rfactor, dynamic shadows, no shadows option included.
GTR2/EVO, Rain reflections

Phil Blunt - models, textures, Concept, design, build, beta tester
SimBin - models, textures, game
ISI - models, textures, game
Codemasters - models, textures
jay666 - gb xpack
BTB Piddy - tool
3dsimed dave noonan - tool
Kyzar - beta tester


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Cool track man. A lot of fun lap after lap. Thanks for all your efforts.
suesman on Jan-05-2010

los baje como 5 veces y siempre da el mismo error en el archivos .mas
fijemse de subirlo de nuevo
dany_22 on Dec-27-2009

i downloaded the 2nd mirror and it works fine with me this is a great flowing track many thanks the detail is perfact 100%
mclf1 on Dec-27-2009

which mirror are people getting the mas error on? ill replace. sorry to those who are having issues. please try another mirror.
DRTPolo16v on Dec-26-2009

thanks for a great track i like the camber in this nice flowing track works great for me np with fps at all

1:10 in the Ae86n2 Club86 Touge spec
mclf1 on Dec-26-2009

"HakiForestMaps.mas file is corrupt" when extracting.
Grimm Reaper on Dec-26-2009

Same problem.HakiForestMaps.mas has a file error.Can't race on this track.
Target on Dec-26-2009

re-download.. this release was tested before public release.
DRTPolo16v on Dec-25-2009

HackiForest.mas has a file error at unzapping. So the track doesn't work.
Target on Dec-25-2009

busaman195 on Dec-24-2009

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