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Halle Saale Schleife 2.05

By: f1edition
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 09-May-12
Current release: 2.050, on 09-May-12

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Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition
Screenie by: Andre F1-Edition

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The Halle-Saale-Schleife was one of the first tracks after the WW II that were used in the former GDR. There is a 5 km long circuit at the gates of Halle/Saale. It was very popular among the people and have taken place until 1967. There was international races such as Formula 3. Famous was the long straight that had a stone/concrete surface.
Now drive a lap on this track: After start/finish you drive a long straight to the section "Südkurve". The top speed in this section is over 300 km/h (190 mph). After turn "Südkurve" you drive downhill via turn "Kurve der Jugend" to an uphill section "Wegbergkurve". Between turn "Kurve der Jugend" and "Weinbergkurve" you see on the right side the river "Saale". The uphill section "Weinbergkurve" start with a bump and end with a bump in a right turn. ;-) After turn "Nordkurve" you drive via a straight to a tricky turn in section "Friedensring". After section "Friedensring" you drive via a long straight and a fast chicane to start/finish. A good lap time without any crash is all under 1:50.

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I decided to put together a few layouts of the Formula D Championship.
newstart027 on Nov-24-2016

Absolutely beautiful track and a lot of fun racing it. But could the car field be updated to max. 40 cars so it could be run on-line with 20 GT1 and 20 GT2 ?
John45 on Jun-24-2012

TOP track! Absolute must-have...
morerace on Jun-12-2012

i dont rate many tracks, but this has definately scored top marks. Added to Hof!
SJ_Stein on May-20-2012

Looks nice,but please give us a download alternative,Filefactory seems to have no longer free slots.....
TrickyClutch on May-16-2012

Cannot download. File Factory is a bad choice. Please upload again to Mediafire, or somewhere that doesnt try to con you into paying.
taffers on May-15-2012

Indeed it is an excellent track!!
MrPowCz on May-14-2012

Have you ever seen such a realistic looking track and environment for rFactor? I´m speechless... thank you for this wonderful eye-candy!!!
moppelino on May-13-2012

get here -
Jouni on May-12-2012

Mad filefactory...Unable to reach free slote. Please give us an other server!
Jinks on May-11-2012

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