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Hamilton 400 0.95

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld

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Hamilton 400 - V8 Supercars - WIPS released at

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Not sure which version you have but I think we're up to WIP 6 or 7 of Hamilton with the latest release in April 2010. Mind you we have Surfers Paradise newer version with both layouts and also A new Townsville 400 and Homebush to be released July 2010 - all available at our forums
FlashQld on Jul-06-2010

Is this the nest possible version of this track going around?? Or is another update on the way?
If so, great. Otherwise it needs some work. When you get anywhere near the walls on the exit of the chicane, or any part of the circuit where there are poles holding up the track walls, If you happen to touch the wall, the nose of the car gets 'grabbed' by the wall and you spin around.
This isn't realistic at all. Not only should these poles be on the other side of the fence, but The car should react properly and glance off the wall. Not spin around.
Other than that, it is a great track.
crusin_xt on Apr-19-2010

Can someone possibly upload to different mirror, mediafire just doesn't seem to work for me.
Nick78 on Apr-18-2010

this track is fun. just playing the beta is immense. just a couple of things. the cam at turn 2 needs to be moved slightly further forwards as middle to exit of the corner is blocked by a tree. also the chicane should be sharper. i can get through it flat out by just hopping the curbs whilst the ai spend hours going in and out. the final tire should be slightly tighter so tht u hae to break to get round it.

this looks amazing so keep it up
martyn613 on Mar-04-2010

this track looks good i will have to try this
nh racing on Mar-02-2010

This is the latest version in its own thread at FVR called Hamilton 400 WIP6, surprised you couldn't find it.
FlashQld on Mar-01-2010

Hey, i cant seem to find an rfactor version of this track, can anyone direct me to a download, the only version i can find is the GTR2 version on the fvrfactor site. I would really love to see this track for rfactor, and i would love to have a WIP to use in the meantime, thanks in advance. ^_^
Keybladekyle on Mar-01-2010

Thank you for your reply FlashQld... I found the track on, extracted the rar achive in the exact folder structure as found in the archive (rFactor\gamedata\Locations\V8SC\FVRHamilton09\....) But doesn't seem to appear in the tracklist in rFactor, or rFactor Dedicated server. That why I was wondering if I was missing something.. Thanks again.
wittsend on Jan-19-2010

Do you mean where can you get the track? If so as above WIp track at if you then get the track then it doesn't work - ask over there buts a pretty basic install with winrar to your rF folder
FlashQld on Jan-19-2010

Sorry for my ignorance, im not sure if i'm missing something here, but how does one make this track work with rFactor?
wittsend on Jan-18-2010

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