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Harewood Hillclimb 1

By: madcowie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 20-Jul-06
Current release: 1, on 20-Jul-06

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Screenie by: Toni64
Screenie by: Toni64
Screenie by: Toni64
Screenie by: Toni64
Screenie by: agoyarou
Screenie by: agoyarou
Screenie by: madcowie
Screenie by: madcowie

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Point to point Harewood Hillclimb for R Factor. To use this track you must do it in race mode with no ai. If not the lap time will not work properley. Please post your lap times as I am interested to see what you guys can do. Reasons for making this track? Live about 5 miles away from it.

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mohdsrao23 on Dec-07-2018

This track is mostly incorrect, the curbs are not blue on the real track, some details are missing such as poles at the esses, paddock and the road down to the start are really wrong, so wrong infact i dont see how you live 5 miles from it. im starting to wonder if any time was put into making this track, if i had £50 i would get BTB and Remake this whole track from scratch. i've driven at this hillclimb and i live down the road from it.
Speeder3 on May-15-2011

First class track!! nice work there

Pedro1968 on Nov-28-2010

Great track and I echo comments re other hills; doune, shelsley and loton would all be great!!!

I've got down to a 46.0 in the 1999 F1 mod. The F171 mod got me to a time of 51.9.

The Modern F1 cars are mad to control, need a lot of ride hight to keep your confidence over the bumps/rises.
p0ss3s3d on Aug-18-2010

Hey great work thanks, any chance of making a few of the other british hillclimb courses such as doune or loton. Thanks again for a great track!
chezza2431 on Jun-10-2010

hey mate, looks like an awsome testing ground for beta testing
unfortunently the link never seems to work
any other sites this track may be on
contact me soon

regards keir199
keir199 on Jan-09-2010

I made in 9th lap in Toyota Atlintics with default setup 55.49 :/
With F1wnb setup i made after 8-10 laps.
53.482 with only automatic clutch on, other helps off.
51.462 with automatic clutch, oposite lock, stability, abs and TC on.
hubson pl on Aug-16-2009

Just posted a 47.92 in a williams FW16 set to lowest ride hight most aero and quick acceleration on the gears. though i could go faster with practise as the williams does like to spin out if i have to much throttle into the corners, but still awesome track, have been to the real thing, and this is excellent.
VDubDrifter on May-08-2009

Hey, Madcowie the master! I'm down to 56.940 seconds! My setup is open for all to use. I'm surprised that I actually made a setup that works good. Lot of messing with setups to figure out all the different adjustments to make so the cars runs fast and smooth.
F1wnb on Mar-09-2009

Oh! Madcowie! Yippee!! Yet another great track- even if it is real. Good thing vKg, the wall is after the finish line. However- yes I crash into the wall also. My initial time was 1:10.203
Simply fun. By the way, Can anybody tell me which folder to put downloaded skins in, please? I download them and put them into the specific car folders- but the option tochange skins is not there. How do I get the skins to work.
F1wnb on Mar-07-2009

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