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Harewood Speed Hill Climb 1.00

By: Bob Pritchard
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Sep-11
Current release: 1.001, on 21-Sep-11

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Screenie by: Bob Pritchard
Screenie by: Bob Pritchard

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Harewood speed Hillclimb is a hillclimb near the village of Harewood, West Yorkshire, England. The track can be found on the A659 between Harewood village and Collingham, north of Leeds. In addition to national events, it hosts rounds of the British Hill Climb Championship, a Classic & Historic Hillclimb and an event that includes bikes. Around 11 meetings are organised between April and September each year by the British Automobile Racing Club Yorkshire Centre.

The first event on the track took place on September 16, 1962, and Best Time of the Day was set at 51.61s by Tony Lanfranchi driving an Elva Mk VI. This was on the original 'Short Course'. The first R.A.C. Hill Climb Championship event was held in September, 1964.[1] In the mid 80's the track was extended to 1,584 yards (1,448 m), making it the longest British hillclimb. As of 2010, the outright hill record holder was Martin Groves, whose time of 49.13 seconds was set on 4 July 2010.

Latest Update V1.01. Details.. Added more track
noads on corners, added original textures to start line timing hut,plus activated some shadow effects to certain trees.

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Completely revised turn radii based upon new google sat imagery.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Hi Bob - Met you at Shelsley on Saturday. The simulation of Shelsley Walsh hillclimb is absolutely terrific!

I do hope you can come to some licence agreement with the MAC - (by the way I misheard you when we talking about this - I thought you said MSA - the Motor Sport Association nee RAC - It was them I was sounding off about not the Midland Automobile Club!)

Anyway totally knocked out by your Shelsley - Can't even start to imagine how it works

All the Best Rob Shipley
RobShipley on Aug-20-2012

You can also download this from
bobprit on Aug-02-2012

where can i download this?? my dad races hillclimbs and sprints in the Uk so i really want this mod
johnnyboi on Jun-05-2012

In RFactor run in Testing mode with no AI selected. just have your car on the track.
bobprit on Oct-03-2011

My game crashes everytime I try to run this track! Any tips or am I missing anything?
Senninha25 on Oct-02-2011

The mod looks great, however whichever vehicle I use it is pulled to the left side of the track and in order to drive the course I'm on maximum right hand lock for most of it! I've tried re-calibrating my wheel and have also tried a different track in case it was something I set incorrectly, but i think its a fault in your mod.
martracer on Sep-22-2011

I havent even downloaded this yet but thanks for making it!
GrumpyTwig on Sep-21-2011

Aww damn! I was going to start working on my version of the track soon! Guess i can postpone
Speeder3 on Sep-20-2011

Arrrgh man! You have done such a good job in the way it looks but the road needs tweaking my friend. You have left BTB at 5 meter spacing on the polygons and it makes the corners look like hexagons. Such a shame as the buildings and the detail is really good. Hopefully you might bring us a new version.
Madcowie on Sep-19-2011

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