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Harleigh WCORR Raceway 1.20

By: GodSmacker
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 05-Jan-09
Current release: 1.200, on 13-Jan-09

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Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: lexieboy
Screenie by: lexieboy
Screenie by: V-12
Screenie by: V-12

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is my first track but I do not think you will be disapointed!

This is a fantasy track that takes place in Harleigh, Pa. It is designed to run with either WCORR, CORR or VORRA Buggies in mind.

Some objects are taken from either stock or custom tracks I have accumilated. The track layout is smooth and competitive. 47 to 48 second laps should be normal for this track.

A special Thanks to the people that posted tutorials in various forums, the boys at AvA and a few of the dudes at Hardcore 4X4 for testing.

***Updated to V1.2***

-Fixed Pit positions
-AI Fast line
-Recaculated fuel milage
-Texture and bumpmap updates
-Wall updates

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Latest Harleigh WCORR Raceway Comments

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Beatiful track, the design and the details are great!

The only problem is the pit road doesn't count laps. This must be fixed!
Ripperian on Jan-12-2011

Lmfao cowie. yes great track man keep it up Only suggestion is the grip but its your first track and thats ok. just ask cowie or shoot me on msn ill show you the trick
jeremy12 on Jan-18-2009

Just tested this track in ORR 2 in testing session, must say nice track and well done. Thumbs up from MOI!

The Cow
Madcowie on Jan-17-2009

Great update. What a beautiful track. Congratulations
kendo on Jan-13-2009

Nice little track, definitely adding it to our WCORR league. Lap times are shorter than others due to the track length, but that only means that more laps are done around this awesome facility. Getting 5-stars across the board from me.
tromoly on Jan-08-2009

Great little track! Real nice. Love the autumn colours too. I only wish it was 2 or 3 times in length...the lap is over too quick. Thanks for sharing, hope to see more tracks in the future.
V-12 on Jan-07-2009

I guess I should have said the track is awesome and very beautiful before I commented. It must have seemed a bit sharp. It really is a great track. Well done.
kendo on Jan-07-2009

Ok guys I thank you for the heads up on the pits and the AI. I am currently working on all of these issues and the fuel mileage also. I should have an update out by this weekend.
Smacker on Jan-06-2009

The AI seem to follow each other like a train....
kendo on Jan-06-2009

after ASI testing we have found that the crew wont pit even after requesting one But all in all fix this problem and we will love to add it to our 2009 wcorr race schedule
arldonny on Jan-06-2009

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