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Hazy Hills 1.10

By: Juha Kautto
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 27-Jan-14
Current release: 1.100, on 16-Jun-14

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Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto
Screenie by: Juha Kautto

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Hazy Hills is a little over 5 km long permanent road circuit located on some hills in an unknown location, yet somewhere in real world. Since the very early stages I decided to make the track to look like an early 90's Grand Prix venue, so we have high curbs, the runoff areas made of sand (or just plain grass) and advertising that could have appeared in the F1 races of that period.

Features garage space for 36 cars.

Version 1.1 features:
- New textures for the track surface and some of the walls
- Visible grid
- Fixed advertising boards on the bridges
- Smoother track surface on the chicane
- Slightly improved cameras
- Fixed fuel usage
- New loading screen and track information

At least with the settings I have tested, there is still some texture flickering with the tyrewalls and buildings. So far I haven't found a way to fix it.

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Some of the last starting positions are outside of the track.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Yeah, I thought about making the chicane a bit flatter and more suitable for fast racing, but then just decided to leave it like that. I'll probably slightly flatten it and make it smoother for the next version. Same goes for the entrance of Hilltop hairpin, which is a bit of a jump right now.

Thanks for the feedback!
TBgee on Feb-09-2014

Nice track, I can tell which parts feel like real life circuits T1 seems like Laguna Seca T1; Hilltop Hairpin is like T2 from Brands Hatch, The Snakes Feel like a pair of Variante Alta (Imola), Good god Skyline Corner is bumpy on approach, Cliff hanger, T4/5 of Road America, The Ramp a Reverse Old Suzuka Chicane but in reverse, Inner Loop T9 feels Brooklands at Silverstone double apex lefthander, and finally building up the G-force's OuterLoop is Luffield/Woodcote.

Flatten down the chicanes a bit?
Mithster18 on Feb-06-2014

Nice track!!! Good flow!
erwin greven on Jan-29-2014

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