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Hazzard County Rock Climb 0.95

By: (DBR) Uncle Jessie
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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I designed this track to simulate some of the extreme off roading I have done in the past. It is actually very mild compared to some of the places I have been.

I used the WCORR trucks for all testing on this track because they have the weight, ride height and power I was looking for. If there was a rock climbing mod out there I would have used that, but then the trucks wouldn't even make it up the

The HILL: is very steep and has many rocks, small and large to maneuver over and around. Towards the top are deep grooves to simulate water erosion as you would find in real life. This portion of the track is only about a quarter of the 0.7 mile track but, it takes almost half of the lap time to get up.

The Rest of the track: is very smooth and fast flowing with right-left-right sweeping turns.

YOU WILL slide backwards, roll your vehicle, and get stuck or high-centered when learning this track. But don't get discouraged, once you get it you will have lots of fun.

SETUP TIPS- high ride height, soft springs, soft bump, lower tire pressure and low gears.

DRIVING TIPS-GO SLOW over the rocks or you will just bounce around. Go slow but don't lose momentum! Lots of throttle control, you need traction which means DO NOT spin your tires too much. You can't just blast up the hill if you want consistent lap times. Outside lines are best where the rocks are.

I hope all of you who have done 4x4 rock/hill climbing in real life enjoy this track. And all of you who haven' will be able to see just a portion of what a 4x4 can do.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Im guessing this thread and mod is long dead; but its the only thing i can find for rFactor thats a rock climb event. Any downloads for this track available, or has anyone got any others to recommend?
jeanlucakers on Jun-03-2014

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