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Heartland Park Topeka 1.10

By: ethone
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Jun-09
Current release: 1.100, on 18-Jul-09

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Screenie by: ethone
Screenie by: ethone
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule

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Heartland Park Topeka hosted the SCCA Runoffs from 2006 to 2008. The Craftsman Truck Series ran on it from 1995-1999.
It underwent changes for the 2007 season and includes four configurations plus a drag strip.

Lee posted a request at RSC for this track which was soon seconded by f2000keith, so I did some research on the track to get started. Lee then provided me with a huge amount of photos, which have been vital in building this track. Thanks to slider916 and others for their feedback.
I have built it completely from scratch and created some blog entries on the process here:

The track has now reached v1.0 and includes:
Four layouts.
Support for 35+ cars.
Basic night lighting.
Detailed Paddock area.

Thanks to Gilles Benoit for the corner workers!

For v1.1 I redid some shading as I apparently missed making some walls facet-shaded. The strange shading on the base of the grandstands is now fixed as well.

v1.1 changelog:
- changed shading to facet from smooth on some objects (all walls, grandstands, some pit buildings)
- removed the bump on the drag strip transition from the mesh and instead included a non-rendered additional bump to avoid the normals of the drag strip to be messed up
v1.01 changelog:
- fixed dx7 materials, switched them from T1 add T2 to T1 Specular Map.
Update only version includes only the changed gmt files. Extract both versions to your base rF folder.

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Awesome track! I cant understand why it is not rated full 5 stars. Congratulations for this fantastic job.
pablomarc on Oct-11-2010

This is the most impressive track mod that I have downloaded so far. Works with all types of cars and A1. Very nice job.

Now if I can just get to that dragstrip for a few burnouts.
Vernut on Sep-16-2010

This may be one of the best detailed scratch built tracks in SIM racing.
nanders on Apr-09-2010

Hey the grass texture in some areas is still not fixed
billyracer_88 on Jul-30-2009

I just updated to the newer version and my problem is gone. Great job and thank you. This is one of the best track i've seen. Good work and give yourself a pat on the back.
T018 on Jul-01-2009

Amazing !! Well done
Thank you man
enders on Jun-23-2009

For those of you wanting to run on the drag strip you can drive around to it and run on it. It works, no lights though, and you wont get dq'd for driving over there. Just drive up and over the bridge that crosses the track before the front straight, you can then find your way underneath the back of the grand stand and on to the drag strip.
bigleeal on Jun-21-2009

Fantastic track! I love the ammount of detail you put into making the whole area around the track, it really feels complete.

I would love a dragstrip race. Any chance this will be released?
Social Disorder on Jun-20-2009

If you run the track in DX9 it loos fantastic!!!! The grass is green and the track surface looks great. I still get decent fps on my laptop, no lower than 60 and usually around 80. Great job Ethone.
bigleeal on Jun-19-2009

I agree with billyracer, the grass doesnt look like snow enough and looks odd cos its all white
ChrisKerr on Jun-19-2009

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