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Helsinki Thunder 1996 1.01

By: Riks
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 14-Aug-11
Current release: 1.010, on 15-Aug-11

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Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks
Screenie by: Iceman_riks

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About the track:

Helsinki Thunder was a temporary street circuit in the city of Helsinki. It was run 1995 - 1996 with DTM/ITC cars and 1997 in the FIA GT championship. This track is (till now) only based on the 3.0313 km long 1996 version of the track.

UPDATE 1.01:
Update 1.01 only contains the updated loadingscreen. For missmatch prevention a whole new file and version.

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Nice and well-done track. I would like to obtain your permission to convert this track into an old game called F1 Challenge 99-02. Currently there is no working version of Helsinki Thunder for F1C. Regards, blekblek or alternatively Axel
Blekblek on Jul-03-2013

Thank you.
nandorock80 on Feb-07-2012

Could you reupload v. 1.01, as Megaupload is down?
nandorock80 on Feb-01-2012

Nice one, looks so good. Thanks!
Keni1_9900026 on Sep-03-2011

tomorrow i update it...
Iceman_riks on Aug-18-2011

I run a couple of leagues and until that is changed I can't use it. All mods have to be at least v1.00

DougSpinster on Aug-18-2011

yes, i forgot to change the startup image... shit happens, i correct it on the next update..

And thanks for all your votes, comments and compliments
Iceman_riks on Aug-18-2011

I like this track. I want to know what version is this mod, on the site it's posted version 1.000 but the track on start up shows version .80.
DougSpinster on Aug-18-2011

Nice track. Thanks for your work and thanks for sharing it with us.
timex on Aug-17-2011

@ Iceman_riks
Thanks for your explanation on downsizing track file etc..., Good job.
No doubt about liking this track , I LOVE it.
On behave of losing building and scenery , keep it this way.
I'll just have to be patient for this fabulous track to load , and i will be.
Wishing all the best for developing this track and everything you will make for us fans (Surely I am).
Again thank for everything.
Jamie Bakker on Aug-17-2011

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