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Hermanos Rodriguez 2015 0.95

By: Silvano Silva and Rafael Wagner
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This track was developed by me Silvano Silva at the request of RaceX simulations, I have the rights to the same creation and development. This track was assisted rafael Wagner who helped me in building and track some buildings.
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Developed based on videos released by the FIA to reform the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit history, we present the 2015 version, with some innovations that will happen, as the braking at the end of the main straight and a sequence of curves, the new "ESSES" in intern part of the circuit and the main change, leaves magnificent Parabolic curve (damn FIA) and enter the pass inside the baisebol stadium. The track has official size of 4,480 meters. They all made based on GPS data provided by the circuit. Some points or modifications were placed merely expeculativos, or use some fancy stuff to spice up and give up the scenery.
I will only do a new version of the track when it has its official race in November. Until then all they can see on this track, including official matches, will be speculation.
I hope you have fun.

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