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Hermanos Rodriguez 2015 Layout 1

By: Marek Adamus
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Dec-15
Current release: 1, on 16-Dec-15

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Screenie by: Marek Adamus
Screenie by: Marek Adamus

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Hi everyone! Here I give you really new version of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez! This fantastic track was rebuild for Formula 1 Grand Prix. I made this track almost from scratch, the exceptions are: some builings, some objects and textures. I did it as always special for wcp-series. Of course to tracks was added 3d grass and SRPL shaderpack. Have fun and tell me what to improve :)

Link for small onboard:

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I totally understand what you are writing about and I appreciate it.
hotmailsigninlogin890 on Jul-27-2018

Thanks for this track! Been having fun trying to master it. I'm enjoying this!
vinnydamenace on Jan-14-2017

Still a good track, thank youplaque psoriasis
forumsqwerty123456244 on Nov-18-2016

It is 2.87 kilometres (1.78 mi) long and has 14 corners, with a main straight 1.1 kilometres (0.7 mi) in length.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

very good version! scalp psoriasis Thanks!
forumsqwerty123456244 on Oct-07-2016

México GP - F1 RFT 2012 Lap onboard
Ed02 on Dec-26-2015
yayo02 on Dec-26-2015

yayo02 on Dec-26-2015

Same for me, poor FPS. Still a good track, thank you for that. Merry Xmas
erhard on Dec-25-2015

This is a good looking scratch made version of the Hermanos Rodrigues 2015 layout. It doesn't have much detail in the surrounding. That's okay for me, and normally this will result in a high FPS. With this track the FPS is a bit poor on my computer. So maybe you should take a look into this. Maybe there are some objects in the surrounding which are responsible for this.
NitroMcClean on Dec-24-2015

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