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Hex Cubemaps 1

By: Hex

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: sharry

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Cubemaps by Luca Sciarrillo.

For a fine working addon, please download the GDB Real Gradients Lighting from

The installation process is very laborious. I suggest to do it if you are an expert user of rFactor,
who knows what is doing. Otherwise follow strictly these instructions. Don't change nor delete everything else
from what is written under.

1) unzip the folder in a random folder, one which is comfortable to you

2) go to the series' folder to which you want to change the cubemaps

3) look for a file which is a sort of "commonmaps.mas". That file usally contains the default cubemaps

if the series' folder doesn't have that file, the series probably uses the commonmaps.mas that
is in the vehicle folder.

4) open the file about which I spoke above. You need the gMotor 2.0 MAS Utility, which can be downloaded at or > rFactor 1 > Dev Corner

5) once the file is opened, look for the cube maps.
Click on the Type category to sort the file and put the DDS files first.
Look for names which suggest cubemaps, like "Map", "Emap" (this is widely used), "Cube (used for the
standard cubemaps)", etc.
Cubemaps are actually cubes, so the resolution shown is always of a square image. Usually the resolution
is 1024x1024px or 2048x2048px.

6) the name of the cubemap explains the type of material which it's used for.
For example, if the default file is "" it means the cubemap is used to render carbon parts.
Carbon can be connected to plastic, so copy the file in the same folder of the MAS file
and rename it with the name of the cubemap you've found in the MAS file.
Glass means Windows. Aluminium means steel, or that metals which don't reflect as chrome.

7) do this process for every cubemap you find in the MAS file. If you aren't sure whether a DDS file is a
cubemap, extract it somewhere and open it with the Windows' standard photo gallery. If you can't see the
image it means it is a cubemap.

It may happens that new cubemaps create contrast with some mods, for example the Honda NSX 1991.
If the cubemaps work in the menu and doesn't work while at a track (happened witht the Klassicker Porsche 911 RSR,
mod World CS 1975 GTO) you have to copy the cubemaps from the series' folder to the specific car's folder. Then it
should work fine.

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