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Hillclimb Machines 0.20

By: Paul Pantelimon
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Many Machines from Diffrent hillclimb championships in mainland europe. starting with french national championship as first stage.

get ready to race against bernard chamberod, and lionel regal! on Mont Ventoux hillclimb

cars currently in progress

== Open Wheelers ==

F3000 - Reynard 92D
F3000 - Reynard 96D
F3000 - Reynard 2K01
F3000 - Lola T96-50
Martini MK 69
Martini MK 25 / 28

== Sport Proto's ==

Osella PA20s
Osella PA9/5
Norma M20
Norma M11
Toj SC 206
Lola T298
Chevron B21 / 26 not sure? still researching models.

== Bonus cars ==

Ford Escort 1800 RS (MK2) based on Duby's escort from 80's
still looking for usefull information on this kind of escort, team ROC bought group2 or group5 escort I think?

== engines used ==

Mugen-Honda MF308
Cosworth DFY / DFV
Zytek KVF3000
BMW M12-7
BMW S52 (bmw M3 e36 or e46 engine)

========== LOCATIONS =============
Im not sure on locations just yet, theres alot of hillclimbs out there!

Tracks that are currently WIP, around 25% complete sitting on my HD.

Trento Bondone, (surface done, needs roadside details 100's of buildings)

Mont Ventoux, (sufrace done.)

chamrousse, (surface done.)

Rechberg, (surface needs ajusting, only 10% complete)

====== videos refrences ====

Please check these videos out!!

== Bernard Chamberod F3000 === (DFY cosworth)

== Bernard Chamberod Norma M12 === (V8 cosworth)

== Bernard Chamberod TOJ SC 206 == (BMW F2 M12)

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Hi , i'm part of a french league (FFSCA) that has a hillclimb championship, we are finishing our 1st year, i'd like to know if your project for the cars is still going on, then maybe you could join us, come and visit us i'll tell you a lot more about our project, thx
micklr on Oct-05-2011

please I would love to drive these cars !!!!!!!!!!!!!
fabryamendola on Jun-12-2011

This mod looks dead. shame really, i was looking forward to driving these cars
Speeder3 on May-15-2011

Today is 06/06/2009.............where is the mod???????
lupos on Jun-05-2009

hi, i have just spent £30,000 re-building my own mk2 escort harrier, I was wondering could i posibly just have that one to play around with on rfactor, sorry if i am asking alot its just i would like to compare it to mine i can get the noises of it if you like just take mine on a dyno run and record them, many thanks send me a relpy or email me on
logiemaster342 on May-15-2009

go!go!go!go!go! it's beautiful work....................fantastic......congratulatios by the hard-work, we are gratefull!........sorry for my english..........
lupos on Apr-28-2009

hi!!!paul!!!!this is a very very great work.!!!!!
my brother is a real osella's driver (pa 21/honda) and i hope that the mod can will be release soon...
i understand that the work is hardly and the difficult are many.
if you require more photos of the model, I have got a lot of him!!!
Good Luck for the future!!!!
Gianluca C.
gianxc91 on Apr-10-2009

dont worry im not dead, im just busy with my work. Should start getting into hillclimbing again soon, ive just bought myself a new workstation.
mpantel on Apr-07-2009

Oh dear, I can remember many good drivers from hillclimb.

Yeah, Bruno Ianiello's S4(and Sacha Geninasca's S4), Georg Plasa's BMW and, I think, Reto Meisel's F1 Judd powered Mercedes 190 are great cars. Maybe other known drivers like Fritz Erb, Jo Zeller, Roland Bossy and Eric Berguerand from Switzerland. Special mentions to René Ruch, who drove a Ferrari 355GT, Alain Pfefferlé on a Porsche 935 Turbo, Toni Büeler on a Mitsubishi Evo 6, Nicolas Bühler on a Porsche 911 GT3.

There were other drivers I liked, like Otakar Kramsky from the Czech Nat. Team, Peter Jurena, Andres Vilarino, Laszlo Szasz, Renzo Napione and Fabien Frantz. I have seen them all at St.Ursanne - Les Rangiers, the Swiss round for the European Hillclimb Championship. It would be a good addition, but not easy for pics of it, mostly in the forest in between the hills.

Just some of my thoughts about Hillclimbing, the only thing Swiss drivers can do except slalom racing in Switzerland. Keep working on it!
Mazda-Man on Apr-04-2009

this is a great mod, if complete. with Osella Pa/9 and historic car will be a great funny
emifisa on Mar-30-2009

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