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Hilltop Club Circuit 1

By: Strava
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 02-Jan-07
Current release: 1, on 02-Jan-07

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Screenie by: piebobs71
Screenie by: piebobs71
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava

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Hilltop Club Circuit By Strava 2006

Here's a little club track I made for GPL back in Feb2006.I thot it would make a good Sports Car track so I have converted it to rFactor.

The (fictional) location for this track is about 30 miles East of Cincinnati Ohio. It's main sponsor is the (real) Hilltop Concrete & Paving Company. Hence the name :) It's ironic that with a paving company for a sponsor the track surface is in such bad shape :rasp:
With a few spots suffering from frost heaves. Cincinnati is notorious for the number of freeze/thaw cycles we go thru in a winter.
And running the winged cars here on a hot summer day was a bad idea. They rippled the pavement in some of the braking zones.
But, it's still a fun drive.
The front straight takes you past the main grandstands and scoring booth. Turn 1 is a fast uphill left hander. The first of a series of 5 turns known as the "Slalom". They run up the hill thru an old orchard. Then it's a fast if bumpy run down the back straight to turn 6. A nasty downhill, off-camber decreesing radius turn. Officially it's just "turn 6" but some drivers refer to it as "Dead Man's Curve" ;)
Then a short straight past the pit entrance and the pit hairpin. Nicely banked, but don't clip the pit wall. Another short straight leads the the "Big S" a fast 3rd or maybe 4th gear left/right.
One more short straight past the pit exit, resturant & medical building leads to the final hairpin. Also well banked and nothing to hit on the inside :D


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Hey strava and everyone else, could someone please post a new link. loved this track on gtr2! excellent flow and quite bumpy

Lakos3 on Dec-31-2009

Please, give us a new workable HillTop link, please!
hallryu2 on Dec-21-2009

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