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Hilsenhain 1.10

By: Checker Artworks
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 28-Jun-12
Current release: 1.100, on 10-Jul-12

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Screenie by: Checker Artworks
Screenie by: Checker Artworks

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I nice litttle Street Course in Germany / Odenwald near Heidelberg.
Based upon Google Earth data which means that height, length and
curves of the track are close to reality.
Houses of the village and pitstop is fantasy. In fact this road was never used to be a race track in the real world. Accept me and my
friends had some nice rides there with our motorcycles back in the
old days.

Small track, made for Oldies like BMW 2002, or Historical Mods.

Have fun !!!


Version 1.1

As requested there is a racing line now. Put more trackside objects in it to make it look more exciting.Also I did some fine-tuning here and there.

Check it out and have more fun.


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Current version release date: 2012.07.08.
newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

Since this is supposed to be a street course I would not expect there to be a racing line.
MarvinWankerstein on Jul-11-2012

Looking at the video the fast lane has not been set. That would be a plus to get done.
Lighthorse on Jul-11-2012


A few more comments: Are the bumps necessary after the last hairpin? These are essentially jumps, and the AI always slow down considerably in this section of the track. Perhaps a series of esses? I have also noticed that the AI are still around 14 seconds slower than me (same cars), they are very jittery (cautious) when breaking for the hairpins and blind corners with elevation changes. Food for thought...

saultenian on Jul-11-2012

The links for the newest version (1.1) is not working for me. I keep getting kicked out with a 'Connection to server was rest' message.

The old version link is still working all right.
BillBro on Jul-11-2012


V1.1 is a marked improvement. The village in the first part of the lap is great, nice extension of the start/finish buildings. The additional trackside objects help a lot, the sprinkling of tire stacks on the left at the hairpin look more like sheep (strange). You also might think about extending interior track treeline around the last part of the lap (sections just past the corners with the guardrails) as there are some draw distance issues with the vistas. Otherwise, I am relieved that you did not change the track, the layout is quite perfect, the AI much better with the driving line. Best lap now 1:58:225....

saultenian on Jul-11-2012

Thank you.
CapitanulHaos on Jul-01-2012

That´s a VERY nice track (not really one for the formula1 freaks, huh?!) I love it - thanks a lot & greetings from Munich!!!
moppelino on Jun-29-2012

Looking at the screenshot it's clear that you haven't set up the racing line. BTB video here:
R Soul on Jun-29-2012

It`s version 1.0. Needs some more work. Just let me know how you like it and where I can optimize the track.
More side objects. O.K. After some more critics I will start work on V 1.1

Checker Artworks
Andello on Jun-29-2012

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