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Hobby Dirt Car 0.10

By: Bruce Carroll
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Hobby class from East Alabama Motor Speedway.This is my first rfactor mod so dont expect it to be perfect.You can find imformation on the real life Hobby's at .

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Latest Hobby Dirt Car Comments

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cherityguos123 on Jul-27-2018

finally hobby class racing! thanks so much, Bruce. email me if you want me to help test
payote on Apr-22-2018

splintert92 on Feb-25-2011

Danny's car will be in the hobby class for sure. Pretty kool seeing him come from the rear every year at the big races.
BruceB7 on Oct-12-2010

yea put danny earl warren in this game he is one of the top dawgs eams i can send pics if you want to put it in there
rwr92 on Aug-05-2010

put danny earl warren in game too
rowdy bake on Aug-05-2010

bruce me an my family run at eams almost weekly in the open wheel class hope u do well with this but the reason i am posting this comment is to try to find out where to get east alabama motorspeedway track on here because i cant find it on track wips
flufernuter75 on Feb-28-2010

I plan to finish this when the SBS Historic Late Model is released. Brand new models will be done.
SBS-BruceB7 on Aug-04-2009

Bruce, i NEED 2 get ahold of u about this....ASAP.....! my aim is DSMowner13, and my email is please get back 2 me asap
dirt_racer13 on Jul-12-2009

Yeah I'm the reason that Dana, Dewayne Johnson, Bobby Thomas and some other local guys are in the mod lol. I'm one of Dana's biggest fans. I will finish this mod, but I don't know when. If it goes smooth like I plan, I'll do more classes from EAMS.. I'm trying to do the EAMS track before I do any mods.
BruceB7 on Apr-29-2009

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