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Hockenheim 1988 1

By: carrera4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Jun-11
Current release: 1, on 05-Jun-11

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Screenie by: carrera4
Screenie by: carrera4
Screenie by: leighton
Screenie by: leighton

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after a long break I release track nr.14 for the 1988 F1 season

Hockenheim 1988


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please remove the megaupload link, it's dead.
Rage9one on Aug-21-2013

I downloaded the .rar file but it wouldn't extract. Someone please help, I really love the old Hockenheim track and really want this mod

Thank you
comadylover5 on Jan-03-2013

thankx for the link wezroz
shazy on Sep-22-2012

wezroz, thanks for the link.
PirxThePilot on Sep-02-2012

had to upload for a friend so thought i better share
wezroz on Apr-21-2012

well... all download links doesn't work...
augusto on Jan-27-2012

Originally posted by: toribio

this track woks with CTDP MOD F1 2006? I have "error opening mas file", if possible please tell me how is possible to solve the problem. Thanks


Does it work with F1 2010 mod?

cause it gives me "error opening mas file"



SHREK123 on Aug-03-2011

Thank you for this and all the effort you placed into 1988. Cheers !
gringosan on Jun-29-2011

So good to see you back your a legend thanks for all your efforts !
MrGeesus on Jun-18-2011

WAAAAAAAAY to wide. Hockenhiem is supposed to be very narrow. Not to be mean, but actually all your 1988 tracks are made too wide.
feefish001 on Jun-11-2011

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