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Hokkaido Speed Park Japan 1

By: Raido
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-Apr-11
Current release: 1, on 18-Apr-11

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Screenie by: Raido
Screenie by: Raido
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: martinblader
Screenie by: martinblader

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HOKKAIDO SPEED PARK V1.0 by RudyD (Raido), 2011

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NOTE: This is a SMALL track for SMALL cars. Probably not much fun running an F1 or NASCAR powerhouse here.

This is a simulation rendition of Hokkaido Speed Park for rFactor and other sims. "HSP" is a real race track situated on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. It's a small circuit, mainly suited for smaller types of cars like Minis, Lotus Elise, Formula Vee, MX5 Miatas, ISI's default rTrainers, AE86 Truenos, tuned Honda Civics and superkarts. It's often used for motorbike races / events, too, and will suit Drift events as well.

Despite its size, it's rather nicely situated in the mountains, as a 'nature track' it's somewhat like a miniature Salzburgring.

Hokkaido is something like Japan's "Scandinavian wild north". It's known for its relatively vast open spaces of nature and it's long, cold winters. I visited Hokkaido in 2007 and have good memories of the place (temperatures are much more agreeable in summer than in oft stifling hot Tokyo or Osaka).
Hokkaido only has two racetracks (besides HSP, there's Tokachi, which was released for GPL and rF some years ago). Due to its scenic surroundings, HSP appealed to me more than Tokachi and most "Tilke-style" tracks - it's small, but it's got atmosphere.

Web site:
Onboard video:
Another video:

The mountain you may notice in the background going through Turn 2 is a volcano - Mount Yotei or Yotei-Zan. Due to its likeness to Mount Fuji-Yama it's sometimes called the 'Mount Fuji of Hokkaido'. Like that one, Mt. Yotei hasn't erupted in recent ages though.

The track was mainly developed and tested for rFactor (running on a Mac) using Bob's Track Builder as a first exercise in trackbuilding, but there's also a version for GTR2 and perhaps more variants for other sims will appear not too long after the rF version. Tests were mainly done using Vintage Formula Vee, HistoriX, Plickbadger's Spec Miata, Vintage Formula Ford, rF Caterham and other lower-powered mods.

To install, extract and copy the track folder to your rFactor\GameData\Locations\ folder.

If you'd like the AI to speed up or slow down a bit, raise or lower the Worst/Mid/Bestadjust values in the .aiw file by about 0.1 at first and experiment a bit until you're happy with it.

Conversions of this track are expressly allowed, as long as proper credit is given.
I plan to release the BTB 'project file' of this track later on, so that people will be able to make their own improvements and additions. As a result of this "GNU GPL-style" kind of release, people who make new versions should release their new add-ons to the public as well, though. This track or its conversions may not be sold for profit without permission.

- Known issues: The AI may not be setup that well for long(er) races, I tested them mainly during short ones, without pit stops.

Credits and thanks go to:

- Ennisfargis (Sky/horizon)
- Piddy/ Bob's Track Builder
- KittX (skyfile/dds)
- ComX: Birds
- Soramame-san for pit buildings
- Izukon (Emiko) for translation (my Japanese is basic, I can read some but needed some help with the Kanji characters ;) ??????, ??????????….)
- The dudes and dudettes at for Xpacks (Barbje_Keller, Parlesportes, Jay_P666, Ennisfargis et al) and for helping out.

(Thanks for these and all the other stuff you've released for rF and other sims chaps.)

Have fun,

RudyD (The Netherlands)

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