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Home Key Cams 1

By: Kendo

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Home Key Cams plus extra cockpit effect

A set of Cams to be used with the HOME key. Also new Cockpit effect instructions---See Read-me for details.
Please see Read-me for extra Instructions

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tgynecomastia i cant download the link, please resolve this issue. i really want to try this. thanks ahead
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

The link dissapeared when Filefront was going to pack up, then they changed their minds lol. I re submitted a new one here ages ago, but nothing has appeared yet !!!!!. It,s at Nogrip anyway, download it from there if you wish. Ken.
kendo on Apr-13-2009

where is the donwload link?!?!?
cesniper on Apr-12-2009

@Mightymopar You use this in your vehicle cam file of your choice. You can open a cam file with notepad, they ae in your Vehicle folder, and just copy and paste the relevent parts you want at the end of the file. If you want to use my Cockpit file, just copy and paste into the correct part. It is all explained in the readme. Any problems, PM me.
kendo on Feb-21-2009

which folder do i add this to? or where do i install it in my Root folder
Mightymopar on Feb-21-2009

Cool...very handy...thanks for sharing!!
V-12 on Feb-14-2009

Nice addon , thanks for sharing it Ken.
Bruce_Leeroy on Jan-01-2009 great new cam!!!!
Stjepanj on Dec-30-2008

I didn,t add any screenshots as it would have spoilt the the whole thing. What these cameras are, are 5 different new views to view with the Home key. Perfect for skinners and track makers to see their work for example. and of course, for anyone else to see their game..... AND of course the Sensational new Cockpit cam effect LOL. which enables the vehicle to rock sideways to follow the contours of the track and curbs and any other uneven surface, so the horizon stays level. Please enjoy. Kind regards Kendo (Ken)
kendo on Dec-26-2008

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