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Honda CRX Cup 0

By: Fnep AKA Anders Jensen
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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I started this mod a few months ago when my buddy Kasper bought a CRX.

Initially I planned to do a streetversion of the car only but then I saw some video of the real CRX cup and decided that I would make a full series of crx racers.

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can u please answer if some1 is working on this. i really hope u do.
Dutchie0101 on Sep-13-2010

Do you still work on this mod or is it canceled?
crx555 on Sep-10-2010

great work, have you a beta version ?i drive a crx too
ThoWmas31 on Jul-28-2010

I drive a Honda CRX Vtec EE8 and i love this car :-) i dream that santa brings a real cool mod :-)
form 2008 :-) I think someone killed santa.
crx555 on Dec-27-2009

I just bought myself a CRX and would love to see this mod completed. Let me know if there is anything I can to to help.
xl1200c on Nov-07-2009

wow this mod looks like some high quality stuff. i hope you can get the time to finish it.
vtakgeezer95 on Apr-28-2009

This mod would be great combined
with Honda Trophy!
joejoepop on Apr-25-2009

Well it sure looks like the mod is close from those screenshots
I would love to try even a beta version. my 91 Si CRX is my
daily driver!
joejoepop on Apr-18-2009

We are waiting for news !!!
Mozeee on Mar-30-2009

Is this mod dead? Damn I was waiting so long and still no sign of end of this mod ....Please Creator Finish It!!!
Mozeee on Mar-30-2009

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