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Horensbergdam kart circuits 1

By: Belgindy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Mar-10
Current release: 1, on 07-Mar-10

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Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy
Screenie by: belgindy

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

horensbergdam is one of the most famous karting circuits of the world !
there are indoor and outdoor tracks .
is this gamemod there are 2 outdoor tracks avainable .

here begins the race-carriere of jenson Button !

i use for this circuits de world kart from the rfactor site (slimjim & mati)
UPDATE; for world kart am I having problems with the use of the pitlane.
pit stops are not available.
but super kart challenge you may already 1 pitstop do
I try to change the SVM from 1 to 3 pitstop pit stops, but my changes have no effect on the game

new download links included there is in my game no problem found
maybe a bad download for who the great track no work
please try download again .

mars 06 2010 :Upgrade in progress

mars 07 2010 : some updates done to the decor of the circuit
the pit lane and garage are also changed and improved
(no crashes more with the safety car by driving out the pitlane).
not only tampering with the number of pit stops temporarily but I hope to resolve this quickly.
it's him that I just do not know where I can change.
the drive line of the two tracks is also improved.
I've found what I did wrong in always entering the pit lane, again this is resolved!
The provisional race setup with the full 71 rounds loaded gasoline 8liter
Zero pit stops and I hope to resolve this quickly
My setup download link:

unzip the 1.1 Horensbergdam to your rfactor game data locations Horensbergdam location.

little change happens!!
The small track was renamed in the little track but the loading screen shows still to thesmalltrack!

desired good race!
belg indy

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i can send you a GoPro video(3min) from a training on horenbergsdam but i need youre email adress for We Transfer
Momo44 on May-29-2013

i can send you a GoPro video(3min) from a training on horenbergsdam but i need youre email adress for We Transfer
Momo44 on May-29-2013

Hi Indy

And did you get a change to drive the real track?
Jack_NL on Aug-04-2010

I shall first have a problem with the set of pit stops, that problem does not belong to the lay-out of my track.
First I used to go racing, karting world (slimjim & mati)
but there is apparently no pit stops avainable in this mod.
when I'm Super Kart Challenge 3.00 (slimjim) to use and I noticed that this is done on pit stops, even though there is only one!
Today I used the mod BRKart 1.10 (brdev) ... .
therein I could achieve altan 2 pit stops.
but the line drive was then again not practically as in the other kart-mods
(steering problems and spins at Turn 9 and 7.8).
BRKart 8.5 points
Super Kart challenge 9.2 points
World Kart 4.5 points
belgindy on Mar-13-2010

I understand man
would clips on youtube help a bit?
I send you one but there a lots more also how it looks in the pits area

Feedback from real karters of the track his bumps etc is what you need now
Jack_NL on Mar-09-2010

That is precisely what he wants I do! The circuit construction as in real live!
I know the track by name, but have never been so I know nothing of the right environment
the track layout, I built on a google earth picture.
but in the coming months as it is warmer I will definitely take pictures to take to obtain more details.
So there you have some patience
belgindy on Mar-09-2010

Wauw Awesome

layout of the track is how it is
and the main building is modeld spot on!
outstanding so far

here a clip of Paul Lemmens sr talking about Jenson when he raced for GKS (@2:25)

would be cool if you could make the track details as they are in real life
and I bet the Lemmens family would be proud to have their track in rfactor
Jack_NL on Mar-09-2010

Very great track. The best outdoor karting track I have seen for RFactor. But there is a big hole when leaving the pit. If you leave the track on the right side after coming out of the pit, you disappeare in the ground! You are entering a new world under the track. Is this as you want it te be, as a joke, or is it a mistake?
NitroMcClean on Mar-07-2010

oke i download today the megaupload version for see what's wrong is and for take this problem away
i hope that this problem is away after this weekend
just please wait
belgindy on Mar-05-2010

Originally posted by: svenieshoarma

I can't get the "thegreattrack" to work in game...Am I doing something wrong??

I've a same problem, i see only the small track in the game.
Tommy78 on Mar-05-2010

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