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Houston 1998 0.99

By: zero-g and Racing Line Developments
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 10-Jul-10
Current release: 0.990, on 10-Jul-10

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Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g

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THis is the beta of Houston Street Circuit v0.99

with the Layout used from 1998-2001

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Track Layout
Racing Line
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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After an hour on this track i had to drag myself away from it just to say a massive THANK YOU! I enjoy this track so much Its fast and it flows from corner to corner, The bums give a true sense of speed. The only down side is getting lost when making your way out of the pits but its hardly anything to fuss about. Well done guys and thank you again!
sennagrandprix on May-16-2011

Awesome, awesome track. I'm having an issue with the trees flashing, at the end of the back straight and again two turns later - under DX 8 and 9, is this a known issue or is it just me?
gs1983 on Jul-18-2010

All these street tracks just made my day, all are exceptional.
CapitanulHaos on Jul-16-2010

This is the best of the 1998 tracks that you released by far. The buildings are all modelled fantastically, the track layout is superb and the general feel of racing around a tight street circuit is rendered brilliantly. It is missing some buildings on the outside, as well as traffic lights on the back straight. Other than that, you've created a track that will be in the HOF this year.
super__alonso on Jul-13-2010

Reinstalled rfactor, copied everything over, ran track, crashed at garage. Reinstalled, didn't copy plugins folder over, worked fine. Was using tv style, track map, grinding tranny plugins.
cameron12345 on Jul-11-2010

You may want to start rFactor with the qualifier "trace=1000", and look at the boot log to see which file is causing you issues. Also are you running in DX9?
dradecki on Jul-11-2010

loading, ctd....Other 98'tracks work fine. Also reinstalled, same problem.... Any suggestions ?? Help would be appreciated
Ayrton1965 on Jul-11-2010

Track loads fine, then as garage screen appears, it crashes to desktp. Tried re-downloading/reinstalling with no luck. Anyone know what might be wrong?
cameron12345 on Jul-11-2010

New CART 1998 League starting here ...use all new tracks!

zero-g on Jul-11-2010

absolutely great work, thanks
Magidion on Jul-10-2010

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