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Hungarian Suzuki Bio Cup 1.45

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 29-Aug-13
Current release: 1.450, on 29-Aug-13

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Screenie by: SIMCO
Screenie by: SIMCO
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2010 season - Genex Suzuki Bio Cup, all cars and drivers
bio fuel engine, semi slick tyres

Official website of this series:

Version: 1.0
Release: 26 01 2011

Manager: Emerico
3D model: CrazyCode
3D Senior: Clayman
3D Junior: Mugen

Special thanks for Sompir.

Physics: Ingy and Zolee145

Sounds, graphics: Emerico

Test Pilot: Gabor Tim

Engine: 1.3 - 107 hp
Tyres: Toyo R888 semi slick

The car is full basic model with KW suspensions and updated engine.

The slick tyres and the 1.6 model are coming in this year.


About the 1.2 update
Release: 15 02 2011

physics update by Ingy (engine physics fix)
sounds update by nanamitatsuki and repaired by Emerico
!if the new sounds don't like to you, you can rename the suzuki_original.sfx fille to suzuki.sfx!


About the 1.45 update
Release: 29 08 2013

Suzuki Swift Cup

New drivers from 2011-2012-2013
Update tyres, and engine physics.

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under authorization of SIMCO, now on you can also update this very nice mod to RFE Plugin Series:
SlowMotion on Sep-12-2013

Great job! I enjoyed driving these little cars very much. I recommend to test them at Targa Florio.

Greetings from Spain
gchampion on Sep-06-2013

I agree with Angus here.... every time I try and click on a download link, I get that stupid iLivid player trying to install, or another link asks me for a credit card before I download.... geez

It would want to be a MOTY candidate after this...
yapava on Sep-03-2013

Lots of fun!!! Fantastic Job. :-)
darkcypher111 on Sep-01-2013

why do you make it so hard to download your mod. link after link after link and then i get a file name that is just a line of letters that wont download. amazes me why people make their mods so hard to get........maybe they dont want people to download it.
angus94 on Aug-31-2013

Nem tudom letölteni az 1.45-ös update-t, a captcha beírása után csak tölt az oldal, de semmi...
istapista on Aug-31-2013
simcompany on Sep-21-2012

Can't download! Fileserve requires username and password from the uploader and the other links are broken. Please fix this... Thanks in advance.
mauvega on May-20-2012

The mod is designed for pilots that are new in the real racing category, or will race in this category. Probably it's the cheapest racing category in hungary. only 6 000 000 HUFs a year.
Matte4sub on Mar-27-2012

fun fun thank god for brakes so loving this mod
jimstvns0 on Mar-08-2011

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