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Hungaroring EMG 1

By: (Euro)Danny
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Dec-06
Current release: 1, on 11-Dec-06

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Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: IsTi
Screenie by: IsTi
Screenie by: sompir
Screenie by: sompir
Screenie by: Bonfire
Screenie by: Bonfire

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Enable High or max shadows and set daylight time at 6 am to check out the included overcast session.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
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Realistic Track Surface
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Latest Hungaroring EMG Comments

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yayo02 on Jul-16-2013
yuken84 on Aug-03-2012

Ha a pályának a jelenlegi vonalvezetésén megy a pálya miért egy régi kép van berakva? na mindegy...
Az én rekordom 2010-es f1 kocsival (Mod: F1 2010 WCP) : pedig a végén egyszer jól kicsúsztam xd
norbi999987 on Aug-16-2011

Is it the 2001 layout ?
If not, where can I find it ?

alonso2005 on Aug-31-2010

track doesnt support a large 36 car field. Pits are not large enough. Cars are parked outside of fence and cannot get in. I downloaded the V1.1, but didnt fix the issue.
Florida Brian on Feb-15-2010

nice track ! was easy to beat Hamiltons lap times in hungary on this track...
I was in hungary last week & could see where I stood on tbis track... tops !
ozpete on Jul-30-2009

Here you have another link for version 1.1
It has the pits fix included.
Jancsi on Jul-14-2009

Links are dead.........

Found a V1 at


they have a dead link for the (later?) version, released:
Saturday 10 January 2009 - 22:19:30
But *here* is a link to *EMG V1.1* - is this the most recent/best?
the_last_name_left on Jul-03-2009

Found someone with the answer... To turn the grass from white to green, you need to run the rFactor Config utility and select either DX8 or DX9 graphics. Grass seems to be white only when DX7 is selected.
mini36 on May-10-2009

Does anyone know why the terrain surrounding the track is white? How can this be fixed?
mini36 on May-08-2009

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