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ISI Barcelona Extension 1

By: Takomer
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 10-Jul-10
Current release: 1, on 10-Jul-10

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Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: takomer
Screenie by: takomer
Screenie by: takomer
Screenie by: takomer
Screenie by: takomer
Screenie by: takomer

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2007 layout
2006 layout BETA

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453/500 (222 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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many thank's,and thank's for "RFC_Fresh!" member too.
dvittael on Apr-25-2014

Well this track is not really done from my point of view. If you look at the onboard laps some corners need more attention and also the elevations from the old ISI track shoudn't be used because they aren't good.
Turn 1 is too tight
Turn 3 - too short, this corner is famous for being long
Turn 4 - too short
Turn 6 elevation is wrong

Look at the GTR2 Barcelona track is the best old layout

Anyway great job hope you keep improving this track.
andreic1983 on Jul-12-2010

getting ctd, reinstalling did not help, some other 100 tracks work fine. Help is appreciated....Thanks !
Ayrton1965 on Jul-11-2010

I just drove about 30 laps on both layouts and I am stunned!!! only thing that little annoys me is those green things inside pit enter where car just bumps away...but I get used so I avoid them now. Thanks for this great track!!!
f1racing on Jul-10-2010

This is the best Barcelona at the moment.
Texture quality is quite a good.
Sulisti on Jul-10-2010

well done mate. Best Barcelona track now!!
f1racing on Jul-10-2010

Amazing work on the track! the little banking on turn 1 is still missing, but overall is amazing and is my barcelona favourite track right now, thankyou so much for this!
flyinfinn2 on Jul-10-2010

In order for the system to link the forum thread to the mod, we always have to set the mods as WIP, even if they are submitted as 'released'. Once published, the mod's Administrator can change the mod's status from WIP back to released. In the meantime, link is here:
RFC_Fresh! on Jun-07-2010

Is there a download link, as I can't seem to find one, cheers
fisco on Jun-07-2010

hello , it's very nice , but miss something important , and I hope next you fix it , out-side to turn 4 to the left-side it's a herbs.
so , when will be next time >??! , Ciao :)
cico76 on Jun-07-2010

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