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ISI Formula (2011) Masters 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 24-May-12
Current release: 1, on 24-May-12

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ISI releases 'Formula Masters' for rFactor2, open-wheel race cars similar to 2011 spec F1 cars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST UPDATE TO BUILD 85 OF rFACTOR 2 IN ORDER FOR THIS MOD TO WORK. All content must be updated for this mod to work. There is zero supported backwards compatibility for the files. This means you need Build 85, and you need the latest update of every ISI car/track rfmod file.

ISI is intending to make HTTP and AUTO UPDATE capability active today (Thursday). At this time all the files are only available via torrent clients and MANUALLY UPDATING.

Download location:

If you need more information on manually updating, or any of the other FAQs, please see here:

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xumyzati on Dec-11-2018

Hi dannymal, for technical assistance with rFactor2, please refer to their official forum located here:

I'm not sure what would cause the mod not to load, except maybe an incomplete or corrupted download. I hope you're able to solve it
[RFC]-Fresh! on Dec-05-2012

My version of rfactor2 is currently 118. I downloaded the file today and follow the instructions but unfortunately in the Manage Mods Window i get the note "Unable to install the foloowing mods" -> ISI Formula Masters.
dannymal on Dec-05-2012

WELL... my rF2 Launcher is telling me that my build is up to date, even though I have build 69. And so, yes, it crashes after having installed Formula ISI.

Ideas? Thanks.

Edit: I noticed in the article on the RSC site that the update is only currently available through ISI`s site. I guess the build autoupdate won`t be ready by Thursday. No biggie.
pgmurphy on May-24-2012

Here are instructions on installing this mod, but before you do, make sure to update your rFactor2 build to build 85 and make sure all your other ISI mods are up to date.

Once you've updated your rFactor2 to build 85, download the 2011 Formula Masters file, which should be called 'ISI1052-v10-FormulaISIr.rfmod'.

Once you have 'ISI1052-v10-FormulaISIr.rfmod' copied to your computer, move or copy it to a folder called 'Packages' located in:

C:\Users\Your computer name\Documents\rFactor2\

File 'ISI1052-v10-FormulaISIr.rfmod' should now be located in your packages folder.

Next, launch rFactor2. The rFactor2 launcher window should appear. In the bottom right corner of that screen, look for the 'Manange mods' button.

Clicking on it should launch the 'rFactor2 Mod Manager'.

On that screen, you should see a list of mods, including 'ISI Formula Masters'. Right clicking your mouse on 'ISI Forumla Masters' should cause a small menu to appear with the option to 'install'. Left click on 'install' and it should install the mod.

Once that's done, close that window and launch rFactor2 by either clicking 'Single Play' or 'Online Race'. If the game crashes, it's probably because your other mods weren't properly updated, (or you didn't update to build 85). We found un-installing other mods helped.

For more information and details, please visit the ISI forums located here:

Hope that helps.
[RFC]-Fresh! on May-24-2012

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