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ITCC 2013 0.50

By: Jose Lopez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 13-Dec-12
Current release: 0.500, on 13-Dec-12

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Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall

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Este es un mod creado para competiciones online ya que todos los coches tienen el mismo motor y fisicas, asi que cuenta el mejor pilotaje. El mod lo hemos hecho entre mi hijo de 4 aƱos y yo. Espero que lo disfruteis.

This is a mod created for competitions online since all the cars have the same engine and physical, like that that counts the best pilotage. The mod we have done it between my 4-year-old son and me. Enjoy it, regards

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ask them on the wcp forums
halloween costumes
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

This version is based on Team China one.
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

Hi there, I like to modify your mod for practice and probably an own league. Do I have permission for this?
BMASTER on Oct-31-2013

Hi there i quit enjoy this mod....just 1 question why are some of the windscreens tinted? like the bentley it makes this very difficult to see is there a way to remove this?
KuruptCDN on Mar-31-2013

If I have a race, or practice and than play replay, some cars are not loaded. Why?
Boczy on Feb-17-2013

The cars are white in order that you themselves you create the skins
jall on Jan-27-2013

Yeah finally the mod function but why the cars are only white
AgustinF1Factor on Jan-26-2013

I don't know, sorry. Look at F1Clasik
jall on Jan-10-2013

hey jall i really love this mod
and can you tell me if there are any servers or leagues that use this mod?
Avgn100 on Jan-10-2013

Interesting, pitting a flimsy VW against a brutish Bentley with identical performance - NASCAR would approve. The physics seem okay (except the shifts are as slow as a Curved Dash Oldsmobile and I can't believe how few setup params can be the tire pressures, fergoshsake!). I found the sounds irritating, but that's easily changed. Anybody have any fresh skins yet?
Toonces on Jan-06-2013

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