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Imola 1988 1.01

By: Carrera4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Oct-12
Current release: 1.010, on 21-Oct-12

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Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: Carrera4
Screenie by: Carrera4

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Hi all
Imola ready for the F1 1988 Mod

update 1.01 available

- lap counting during pit fixed
- higher curbs on both Variante and Acque
minerali like in reality

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Thank you for your workndownload imola 1988 track visit ITALY Country,Great.
dvittael on Jun-10-2013

Carrera Huge fan off your work But its a very long time since you say you will release suzuka You still developing the track or you Stop doing everything?
kalenbryce1 on Feb-09-2013

Carrera, if by chance you get Suzuka done, I think we will have to raise you to rF Saint status. The 1988 mod may not be very fancy compared to modern mods but for some reason it is still my all time favorite. I find it immensely enjoyable and the tracks you have made compliment it perfectly.

Thank you for all your efforts over the years.
lawndartleo on Oct-27-2012

hello excellent job men, i wanto convert yours track to the old f1 challenge but i need your permission, always i say that the credits are for you

wizard2275 on Oct-22-2012

Simply best trackpack. Waiting for Suzuka. Thank you very much for all your work, mate! Much grateful.
morerace on Oct-20-2012

sure franco, after build the last track (Suzuka) my plan is to update all my tracks.
There is a lot to do
carrera.4 on Oct-20-2012

simply amazing track mate! consider your tracks as the best!
2 questions: would it be possible for you to remake higher curbs on your previous tracks like spa (erase the green sections), estoril

also can you make the guardrail at the 2nd right hander in estoril close to the track like it was back then?
we test your tracks for our 91he mod quite often and high curbs would be apreciated

regards Flying Dutchman
franco1 on Oct-20-2012

Grazie per le correzioni apportate
Ciudio on Oct-19-2012

Thanks for the update!!! :-)
MistaDobalina on Oct-19-2012

Update 1.01 available
carrera.4 on Oct-19-2012

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