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Indycar Series 2008 1.20

By: rF Open Wheel Racing Project
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 05-Dec-08
Current release: 1.200, on 14-Jul-09

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Screenie by: mrpeters
Screenie by: mrpeters
Screenie by: Bylie
Screenie by: Bylie
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr
Screenie by: Budweiser8Jr

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IndyCar Series 2008 Season Mod for rFactor: (rFOWR V2.00)

Some of the new features:
2008 Honda Accord Hybrid IndyCar Safety Car
Brake Glows
New spindles with brake ducts for road courses/short tracks
Fully retextured gearbox, suspension and driveshafts
Every car, paint scheme and driver from the 2008 IndyCar Season. (With Helmets/Suits)
Race by race vehicle filters ensure players race against the exact cars and drivers that raced in the actual race.
AI Calibration files for all JNS, SCE, TPSCC tracks, plus "miscelaneous" versions of St Pete, Surfers, Mid Ohio, and others on the ICS schedule.
21 different "chassis configuration" upgrades ensure the AI always have a default setup tuned to the track (SCE, TPSCC, JNS). "Generic" default setups by track type for all other tracks. TrackConfigsBase.ini will ensure the proper setup is loaded at all SCE, TPSCC and JNS tracks. All road courses will also load the correct configuration, by default.
"Wet" Treaded tire option (upgrade) for the simulated "Wet" tracks (Vanport, Gateway, etc.)
"Magic Rings" Tire option (white walled Firestone Tires ran by "championship contenders" in the final races)
Indianapolis 500 Firehawk option (automatically installed at JNS, SCE, TPSCC Indianapolis)
Default setups for all 17 IRL tracks incldued (UserDataICSDefaultSetups)
Completely retuned physics
Improved RealFeel Physics
Realistic pit times
Customized UI


- Tommy C and J.R. Sharp for their work on the redeveloped physics in the mod.
- Mike Peters: Painted all cars, templates, User Interface, etc.
- Marcelo Barrio and PAQUITO: Car modeling, help with mapping, template shading, etc.
- Martijn Top: Assistance in physics and testing
- Doug Lynch: thanks for letting me pick your brain almost always!
- Vincent Ceballos: help with vehicle filters
- Maurice Wijma, Omar G, Ryan Field, Danny Wylie and Scott Thrasher the rest of iDT and others at for their help in testing!
- Brian Schmidt for most all of the suits and helmets!
- Pierre Pelonero: for letting me be part of one of the best modding team in the community and all of the support and friendship.
- CheifWiggum - Your helmets are essential to this mod! They are top notch! quality and I know the hard work you put in! Thank you!
-Yanden for the Talent Tweaks, Cameras, and other help through the past year
-Sandrox for the help with the brake glows and pace car gen file


The choice is yours. There are two versions of the mod (they wont mismatch) in Hi-Res (2048 resolution) and Lo-Res (50% reduction in textures). Both are available in EXE (self install) and RAR (manual install) formats.

If you have a high end PC and GPU, by all means use the hi-res links. If you are on an older PC and GPU or just want that extra bit of performance at the cost of a little texture quality, go for the 1024. If there is demand, a 512 resolution set could also be created for those with EXTREMELY low end GPU's


All of the features and improvements from the IndyCar Series 2009 mod ported over to 2008 mod.

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The Panoz chassis is also compatible with this mod? Because i´ve tried several times to put the #88 Car(Phil Giebler-Indy 500 DNQ) from the rOWR07(Indy Version) and didn´t work for me.
lucasjacosantos4360 on Jun-15-2016

New Link
patrick2610 on May-27-2016

Hi, mrpeters/rF Open Wheel Racing Project, do you give me permission to convert this to RF2?

pay2021 on Oct-28-2013

Someone have a link this mod?
Pedrohc on Nov-17-2012

Having not used the 2008 Indy mod in some time. I was very surprised when selecting road configuration, the car would veer left on a straight, (no matter which track) then under braking, the car would suddenly veer to the right. After trying many different setups nothing had any effect. I read the comment by "scca1981" regarding tire behavior, So I threw the dice, and tried copying and pasting the firehawk_road.tbc file, from the 2009 mod. As a result the veering issues are gone.
jaws4 on Jun-09-2011
ArtiF1 on Jun-28-2010

Do these skins work in 2009? Is the template the same?
nebraskadirt on Jun-24-2010

there is no download-link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mungopark on Apr-21-2010

how can i download this game.i need help with this.
tm72ngh on Feb-18-2010

where can i download this mod?
jimbob6969 on Feb-09-2010

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