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Interlagos EOAA 1.01

By: Frank Alexandre and EOAA
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Apr-08
Current release: 1.010, on 28-Apr-08

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rFactor EOAA Public Interlagos V1.00

Here's the original request for permission to release this verison ..

Hi there Frank-br, I've done quite a lot of work on you V2.5 Interlagos. It's such a fantastic track, many thanks for the work you've done. I've fixed a lot of the transparency issues i.e. things popping in and out through the fences and also set all LOD OUT values to 800. I've also made new asphalt textures based on the newly layed down dark 07 asphalt. Have also altered the grass texture and rumble strip texture. I've removed many of the shadows except for objects going right across the track like the bridge which means full shadows can be used (full shadows casts shadows into cockpit which I really like). There's new hills, new water textures, and have worked on pylons. There's a different tdf which is slightly less bumpy than your version (new asphalt made the track a lot less bumpy in 07), the tdf uses some GTR2 settings because I like them. There's new lighting colours and levels and some fog too to make it look smoggy.

All in all I think there's about 6 hours of work gone into it and I'd like to release it as a standalone track if I have your permission? It will also help promote our league I will give you full credit and include your read me from 2.5. This version will not clash with your 2.5 version because it's in X:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations\EOAA_Public\Interlagos and all files start with an EP_. And if you'd like to use what I have done, you have my permission for sure but I'd like credit in the read me and a mention of that's all. Oh and I recommend using this new race groove texture It's attached to the first post ..

I am not in a position to grant permission for modifying this track. If you want to modify it and release it you'll have to ask Frank. If you use any of the work from this EOAA version well you have my permission but I'd (Rich_A) like credit in the read me and a mention of Here's Frank's reply to my request for permission. If you want to contact me regarding this track, send an email to

Change log

Fixed the Filter Properties so that the track works for all series.

Hi, feel free to release the track if you keep my name on the loading screen.
Thanks for asking.

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why isnt there a download link is there a reason?!
christhemw2 on Oct-14-2012

I'm with a problem I downloaded the Interlagos track for rfactor but when I went to see if funcina gave an error. how can I do to work in rfactor?
gabriel renze on Nov-02-2009

stunning work!
devilgas on Oct-10-2009

Anybody missing the pitlane exit line? It seems to be missing on mine! >< Patched to v1.1 already too.
attakorn on Oct-09-2009

EOAA, its circuits are very good, the best ones
fabiocontier on Nov-12-2008

The track is fantastic, but there's a minor bug, many sponsors on the sides of the track are completely black
crashtest on Oct-22-2008

Just adding : Some AI's miss turns in this track.
Ryko on Sep-24-2008

Simply AMAZING!! Feels like driving the real Interlagos! Congratulations to Frank Alexandre!
Ryko on Sep-24-2008

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