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Interlagos_kart 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 19-Jun-09
Current release: 1, on 19-Jun-09

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Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto

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Created by Adriano Augusto

This is a real kart track inside Interlagos Complex.
This version have 2 layouts, Layout 1 is the official layout of track. It's very technnical. Layout 2 is one very interesting alternative layout, very fast and fun, with dangerous chincanes.

To install, unpack "interlagos_kart" folder into c:/.../Factor/GameData/Locations/BRKart_Tracks/
IF you dont have "BRKart_Tracks" folder into your "Locations" folder, please, create it before unpack "interlagos_Kart" folder.


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Realistic Track Surface
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Where's the link? Please.
CECCO33 on Nov-23-2013

sorry, IntrepidKArt, i just read your message now.
you can convert it, no problem.
Just insert credits.
Adriano Augusto on Apr-25-2013


I was wondering if you will let me try to convert this wonderful track to Kart Racing Pro?
I'm just learning to convert tracks, so I want to try this track. If I'm not allowed, I under stand.

Intrepidkart10 on Sep-28-2012

+1. Could someone please upload this track again? Thanks
fredmucelini on Sep-21-2012

Could someone please upload this track again? Thanks
Ghostdriver36 on May-12-2012

I don't downloaded this track, but it can use as "drifting course".

Eu não baixei essa pista, mas isso pode usar como "percurso de derrape".
EDDIEPeugeot on Apr-30-2012

Para quem esta com MAS.ERROR: Crie uma pasta BRKart_Tracks dentro de Locations e coloque a pasta da pista dentro dela!
For those who has MAS.ERROR: create a directori named BRKart_Tracks insice Locations folder, then put there the track folder!
codewarrior on Mar-11-2011

vc pode me dar authorizacao para converte a sua pista para poder usar na kart racing pro
nickart42 on Mar-01-2011

A pista não carrega, infelizmente. MAS.ERROR

nfortunatelly, the track just don't load. MAS.ERROR
LuizSPK on Feb-22-2011

Just waiting for Adriano's permission to release a wet version of layout 1
zeuchoa on Dec-01-2010

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