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International Formula Series 3 (rFactor2) 0.80

By: MAKCorp
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 03-Dec-13
Current release: 0.800, on 03-Dec-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC

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We are proud to release our second mod for rFactor 2 called the International Formula Series 3 (IFS3). The International Formula Series 3 is a single spec series that will be featured in the World Racing Simulation title. An rFactor 2 version is being released as an introduction to our self made series. The IFS3 series is a feeder series for the IFS2 and IFS1 series that will be featured in WRS.

Featuring three different engines with over 200hp, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Piedrafita engines with unique performances are available to be selected through the vehicle tuning area of rFactor 2. You can also have a choice of two tire manufacturer's, Cooper and Dunlop, each with their own performance characteristics.

Featuring 18 different drivers from the MAK-Corp staff in 18 different livery, this mod offers you yet another open wheel racing experience within rF2.

*** V 0.8 BETA ***
The IFS3-08 v0.8 release makes the mod compatible with rF2's Chassis Flex. The new Chassis Flex compatibility has been done by the IFS3 physics creator Derek Nye and should boast an even better driving sensation. Suspension, Tire and Aerodynamics have been updated to work right with the new Chassis Flex implementation.

The mod also has had new standard naming conventions made for the materials and for the objects that make up the mod. From now on all MAK-Corp mods materials and objects will come in a naming convention that features MKC as the prefix. We recommend all modders to have a prefix to their naming conventions when developing their mods as this can help remove conflicts with ISI original content and other mod groups content. As we saw in v0.7 of the IFS3 mod, the dash glass was warped after the newest update of rF2. Naming convention prefix's really do help to ensure such issues don't arise and at MAK-Corp will be using MKC as ours for all future mods. We hope modders will ensure they don't name their materials with the MKC prefix as that will conflict with our mods.

The Snow Schatten Sim-Racing team has been added to the mod which rises the grid to 19 drivers. Featuring Leonardo De Souza as their driver who is also a real life Sudamerica F3 driver for Kemba Racing, we would like to welcome the team and Leonardo into the mod.

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We are proud to announce the release of the 1991 Group C Open Beta for rFactor 2! This Open Beta includes the iconic 1991 Mazda 787B that was piloted to the 1991 Le Mans victory.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

That might be a problem of rFactor itself.
I have the same problem with rFactor 1 quite often.
I am about to purchase rFactor 2 so will see if there's still the same problem.
Nandoo on Oct-18-2014

Fantastic mod. I feel so confident when driving these cars.

The only problem is that the AI made some pretty unrealistic dives all the way from China and ram me up the rear, which causes me to spin out and end up at the back. I don't know if that's more rFactor and not the mod. But I do rage-quit frequently.
R32 Tuner on May-18-2014

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