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Internet Download Manager 5.05

By: Tonec Inc.

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rFactorCentral currently has only one file server which is under a consistent heavy load from well over 10 000 users. In peak periods downloads can drop out and/or be slow. To make the most of available server resources and avoid the frustration of slow or incomplete downloads I recommend using a download manager that supports acceleration.
I tested a range of download managers to find one I could recommend to people using the rFactorCentral file server. Internet Download Manager (IDM) fully supports the download mechanism and file server configuration used on rFactorCentral.
I use IDM myself and have a ZERO failure rate from the other side of the world to the file server. I also test the file server each day and get good-great download speeds. It also works with sites like Rapidshare etc.
If you do try Internet Download Manager and go onto purchase it, rFactorCentral will receive a small commission (which goes towards meeting the costs of running the site) if you use purchase it through Regnow.

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I have IDM, and cannot imagine downloading any large file with out it. I just checked this link today. Try it, I know that you will like it.
rer8 on Mar-19-2010

Dead link
RexMundi on Jan-31-2010

Will this work for Race 07/GTR2/GTREvo???
imracerx on Jan-25-2009

IDM is no longer for sale through regnow, but I found it at (the "try" D/L link automatically redirects to this URL). I don't know if RFC gets a commission through this site though.
jcgoble3 on Dec-12-2008

Hi Mombassa
Just happened to go to the IDM download page and clicked on Regnow link. They say they no longer sell IDM. Is there another site that will give RFC a commission on a sell? I have IDM but others may want it!

good racing
dtruemca on Nov-11-2008

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