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Iowa Speedway 1.20

By: ATB Designs
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 30-Jun-07
Current release: 1.200, on 03-Jul-07

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This is a conversion of Iowa Speedway for NR2003 converted to rFactor. Please view the ReadMe.txt for credits, install notes and other notes. I did this with Stock Cars in mind, but it should work just fine with open wheels.

==Iowa Speedway v1.2 Changes==
-This should fix the online problems
-New AIW and xPitOut

==Iowa Speedway v1.1 Changes==

-Fixed the xSection timing problems
-Fixed the problem with the VIP Building in the grandstands
Thanks to PapaJoe for helping me with the xSection and VIP buiding and NavalHawkeye for helping me check to make sure the timing is fixed.

==Other Info==
Plans for updates:
I plan to have the following done for future releases.
-Complete Infield
-Working Garage Area
-New AIW
-Good Night lighting
-Caution Lights
-Eye Candy

If anybody can send me pics of Iowa Speedway during something like a race so I can see how the infield is during a race and where RV's are parked, I would be really happy.
I am also looking for someone who can help model the infield racing/infield surface.
If you would like to help with updates, please visit our forums at

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thutrangctp on Feb-24-2017

Nice. I really like this track. I do agree with the fact that majority of the time the cars don't enter the pits properly with that pit intinuator. But I like how it is extremely authentic to the actual Iowa Speedway. Being from Iowa, I can say with absolute confidence that this track is well done. I do have one suggestion though. Iowa Speedway not only has a 7/8 mile tri-oval, which is idk how many km for you europeans and the world, but Iowa Speedway does have a 1.33 mile road course on the infield. If you downloaded the track layout of Iowa Speedway, you would probably find the road course layout as well. So that's my suggestion.
devildante on Oct-14-2013

Will someone please fix the pit stall and pit entry bug in IOWA!!??

ATB doesn't seem to be responding to the notifacations.

Cars only line up in the 2nd half of the pit lane.
And cars smash into the pit intinuator rather than go into pit lane.

Someone, anyone?

Matsushita on Jun-22-2010

All the AI indycars cars miss the pits and slam the inside wall ..
scottR on May-23-2010

You got me hooked on ovals with the IRL 2009 mod
super__alonso on Mar-30-2010

The second D/L link (the one that goes to appears to be broken.
jcgoble3 on Dec-12-2008

hey what is that first mod (in picture at the very top) what is it called?? plz let me no
SLIDER99 on Oct-22-2008

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