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JCR Supermodifieds 3

By: Jason C Ray USADRX29
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 26-Oct-11
Current release: 3, on 27-Oct-11

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Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt

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Original vehicle model:

Ryan Fields

Vehicle model additional modeling:

Jason C. Ray
Roger Torm

Vehicle model templates and mapping:

Roger Torm
Juston Rosenow

Vehicle physics:

Bill Malicoat
Jason C. Ray

Additional vehicle testing:

Team TPR (
TJ Hartman

Garage and setup notes/known issues:

1. The tape option in the garage is a substitute for a fuel pill. I will address the user interface for this
mod at a later time and fix this in the menu screen.

2. There are much more gears in the mod than you will ever need. Suggested gear range(depending on track
shape and size) would be between 5.50 and 4.00.

3. This mod does not currently have working ai. I will address this in later versions.

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Guys the links have been updated with the latest version, thanks for the help
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-25-2012

My site is actually

The final v3.0 version is available there in the downloads as well as a track pack that contains 32 tracks for the mod.

To fix the "black car" issue, simply run rfactor in directx9.
USADRX29 on Jul-25-2012

Have you tried downloading the Final Version of the Super Modifieds from Jason's site ? Also you will want to download the super modified tracks that go with the mod. All at Jason's site. ken
kslater on Jul-24-2012

I really wish I could get this mod but one link says it no longer allows downloads,the other sends u to a download -ILIVID_ which is some download manager not the mod
belgrade1 on Jul-24-2012

Well, I think the advice on the black cars has been to run rfactor in DX9 and be sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. ken
kslater on Jul-23-2012

Hi Ken. I downloaded the latest version from the website and I still have the black cars. I appreciate anything that you can suggest. I love this mod and ISMA is my favorite series so I really want to get this working correctly. Thanks for your help.
massracer on Jul-23-2012

The final version of the super modifieds is available at Are you still having the black car problem with it? ken
kslater on Jul-22-2012

This would be the best mod in rfactor if the cars were not all black. I have tried everything that I can think of and they are still all black.
massracer on Jul-22-2012

This is still in process. There are few hang-ups preventing the release yet. It will be finished soon.
nebraskadirt on May-17-2012

With Jason's help I will be completing a final version of this mod. The final release will include new skins, new details, and a complete field of Nonwings. Both Nonwings and Winged in the same mod.

If you would like to have your skin included in the final release please email me at

This will be completed and released before May 1st, 2012.
nebraskadirt on Mar-25-2012

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