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JDM Drift Cars 2.40

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 23-Jul-08
Current release: 2.400, on 17-Nov-09

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Screenie by: motorsport_dvd_king
Screenie by: motorsport_dvd_king
Screenie by: fermented
Screenie by: fermented
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
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Screenie by: choppa7

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The oversteer drift mod 2.4 has been released!

OBS Drift Mod 2.4 Update Notes
This is a physics update only - you need correct installation of OBS Drift Mod 2.3 first. With manay thanks to Peter Zvan.

1: Install OBS Drift mod 2.3
2: Download 2.4 patch and copy contents of this update into your rFactor Folder
3: Overwrite all the files when prompted
4: Enjoy!

2.3 Notes

Complete "Real Data" Physics rework by Ex Rally Trophy Modder Peter Zvan, 3d updates to various cars by swoop, sound rework by DMz, Many new skins by Bamse, many previous version bug fixes.

Install Instructions:

Copy contents of rar into your rfactor directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please delete your rFactor/GameData/Vehicles/OBS DRIFT MOD folder before installing this version!

see readme file for more details...



FC3S RX7 by Fangio86, Swoop & DMz
Soarer rework, soarer V8 and soarer v8 convertible by LegendsAtLunch
Skyline Cockpit by Melo
S15 Cockpit by Swoop
AE various bug fixes
S13 wing bug fix
Rotary AE86
New Team: RedBull Drift Team

The Conversion of the D1GP models from Racer to Rfactor was done by SWOOP with permission from the FSR Mod Group
Base model and base physics by
D1GP mod for Racer free car simulator
original models are property of FSR (
reworked models, cockpits and physics are property of Oversteer
FC body property of Fangio86

Thank you ISI for a wonderful sim, and for rapid response to our request for encryption of the FC meshes.

2.2 Install notes: copy contents of rar into your program files directory, upgraders may have to delete your userdata/settings/profile/obs drift mod.cch file

rf will create a new realfeel entry for every car now so you can tweak it for each car - in the rf root theres os_realfeel.ini you can copy and paste from that to get you going.


Mod by OS-Swoop and FOG>DMz

skins by
DMZ & Bamse

Default Car skins by
Default FC skin by
Additional Skins by
(tanner 350z)
(Redsun Initial D FC)

DMz, Swoop, Maug, Peter Z

Special Thanks to
SafetyLight Mesh
FSR Mod Group

Menu FFB for OS Mod created by
Game_Fr & Yoss

Blue Interface originally by

Vehicle Sounds by
Recordings by DMz, Choppa and Brocky-LJ
AE Sounds from ISI Drift Revolution

Any file, information, content, idea, or other parts
relating to this product, or its development or format
is proprietary to the above named people!

*Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

Visit os website for exterior and interior templates :) MANY many thanks to FSR for the original models and templates, and Swoop for his awesome modding skills.

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444/500 (5233 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Uther541 on Feb-02-2018

Make certain you're authorized in the iTunes iTunes App app may not sustain the version of iphone.
Annie751 on Oct-27-2017

Smith432 on Sep-19-2017
Smith432 on Sep-19-2017

How can I modify the steering angle in a car in rF?
Norby14 on Jun-17-2016

The version 2.4 complete includes version 2.3. They was merged into one rar file with the help file of the update version inside. (packpage update to 2.4 is only about 230 kb)
holmemt on Apr-09-2015

Can you guys please add a link to the 2.3 version?
Nico10N on Mar-18-2015

is the link on the top of the page the same as the 3 in the download section?
jtwhitebread on Mar-05-2015

please forgive edward291195, it appears that he can not read. That is a link for Project D 2.3 A completely different mod. With completely different physics, and (surprise) the exact same cars to choose from.. Come to think of it, that goes for SP mod also...... Hmmm? A game known for its wide range of tracks and cars, with a community of players that doesn't know the meaning of the words diversity, and uniqueness.. Wow.
TrojanHertz on Feb-03-2015

can someone please give me a 2.3 download link? I can't fill in the captcha in the mediafire link. Pls respond
RYMAC29 on Jul-16-2014

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