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Johor 1

By: LifeRS
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 22-May-08
Current release: 1, on 22-May-08

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Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers
Screenie by: lifers

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Johor GP V1.0

Johor is one of Zero-G's great scratch builds for F1C.
He allowed to move his build to current racing SIMs.

It was converted to GTR1 and GTR2 by Neel Jani.
Then it was converted to GTL by der Dumeklemmer.
Thanks for Neel and derDumeklemmer's kindly sharing.

This rFactor version was done by LifeRS based on derDumeklemmer's GTL V2.0 Version.

Pls. notice Neel's GTR2-Readme and derDumeklemmer's GTL-Readme incl. in this archive.


- Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight

- Full featured AIW (over 50 cars)


- Zero-G for his scratch build

- Neel Jani for GTR1>R2 versions

- Greybrad for his perfect AIW

- Mc_Wolf for Marshalls and texture improvement

- derDumeklemmer for GTL version

- Petre Tutunea (Malvictis) for loading screens


- My wife for her patience and understanding.

..and all the guys I'm in contact due to conversion issues.


- No animated marshalls


2008-05-21, V1.0:
- initial rFactor version

LifeRS (Frank Chen)

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I'm From M'sia ...
But I'm From East M'sia ...

Tht Pasir Gudang Track Looks Nice !
RDS on Jul-18-2009

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