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Jops Grand prix de la Neuveville CH 1

By: Manu68 and Jackseller & Neel Jani
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Jul-08
Current release: 1, on 11-Jul-08

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Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

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In September 2005, one friend of us left suddenly for a world described as a better one. He was only 40 years old.
Jean Pierre , alias “Jops”, was the founder and administrator of the Grand Prix Legends simracing league “”. He was also a fantastic simracer, with a GPLrank of -83.
His death has let all of his friends in confusion , and I don’t say anything about the disaster for his family.
In 2006, we decided within the F1legends team to create a track in memory of Jops. Some months later has follow the track “Jops / Grand Prix de la Neuveville”. It was at that time very good welcome by the simracing community, due to its special atmosphere and its wonderful textures from “Jackseller”.
Almost three years after his death, we didn’t forget our friend Jops .
So, we decided to adapt the GPL track to Rfactor, GTL and GTR2, giving the possibility to the simracers to use all the new features (mods, rain, night, pilot changes , …). Our goal was to keep alive its special atmosphere, and not to do only a simple conversion. Beyond the graphical aspects of the track, please don’t forget to salute our friend on the right at the pit exit.

I would like here point out the strong contribution from Neel Jani regarding the graphical optimization of the Rfactor track. In order to congratulate him for his help during the project, we gave him the rights and ask him to release the versions for GTR2 and GTL, with in mind the same orientation. These two versions should be released by Neel Jani some days after the Rfactor track.
Please don’t modify or use some part of these three versions of the track without asking the authorization from the owners, just to keep intact the initial goal of this project.

I would also like to thank Thierry81 for his work on the AIW+ Flagmarshalls, and Luigi for his work on the replay cameras.
Special thanks to Jackseller and Momo, my dear friends, and to all the pilots of F1legends, Racingfr and LFGPL. And Of course, all my best regards to the family of Jops

Credits :
Manu68 : Original Track GPL and Rfactor, choice/position of the objects, project leading
Neel Jani : Pits, sounds, graphical optimization, multi texturing
Thierry81 : AIW, Flagmarshalls
Luigi : Cameras
Jackseller : Original textures and Track GPL , Loading page.
Beta test : F1legends team

GTR2 & GTL tracks (coming soon..) : Neel Jani

Manu68, Team F1legends.

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Ok i hope rfactor central have more time to test all links that have posted on this site here is that jop version that the loading picture show

i have more versions tracks from this track and for other games also

Rar files is less compressed then files so same track can have different MB it it is in rar or 7zipped format can it be same track and version
Slobbeman on Nov-19-2014

All links are down.
zerodownforce on Nov-18-2014

I race this track on every sim that I can, I love it you can find a different way to get around it everytime you race, it is a track where you know right away if you got that line right or not. I guess I am trying to say it is truly an honest track.
graybeard47a on Feb-20-2012

I always enjoy the flow, scenery, and views provided by this memorial to who must have been a great guy and friend to many. Wish I could have known him. Thanks for the excellent track..
MikeVictor on Feb-02-2012

The origin of this track is a sad but beautiful story of friends. "Jops" buddies did him proud in putting this track together. It's well done, beautiful to look at and fun to drive. It has become my favorite track. Thanks!!

forddude on Dec-16-2010

love this track. Very nice job. I wish I could find more tracks like this one, especially with all of the elevation changes.
decay66 on Jun-14-2009

Love this little track. I mainly use it for test driving new cars (acceleration, handling, braking distance, etc).

Thanks for sharing!
JungleJim99 on Mar-14-2009

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