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Jyllands Ringen 1

By: CSGT-Sergioloro
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Feb-08
Current release: 1, on 05-Feb-08

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Screenie by: Ground
Screenie by: Ground
Screenie by: Balanesko
Screenie by: Balanesko
Screenie by: Balanesko
Screenie by: Balanesko

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Jyllands Ringen by Sergioloro

Built in 1966 and operational in this layout through 1976 this 1.056 Miles // 1.699 km is very tight and lends itself to a lot of door to door/wheel to wheel action.

Previously released with the CSGT Holiday Preview.

Conversion or modification of this track for rFactor is not allowed, whatever the destination platform. All files contained in this package are copyright protected by the CSGT Group and Sergioloro. The material provided in our mods/patches/tracks is not connected to Image Space Incorporated. No support can be obtained from ISI if you have applied our mods/patches/tracks. Our mods/patches/tracks may not be profited commercially by a third party unless permission is granted by the CSGT Group.
We accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of our mods/patches/tracks.

Use of this mod implies agreement with this license. If you don't want to comply with the license don't play our mod.

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Can I convert this track to F1 Challenge '99-02?
WJB1804 on Jun-21-2016

Hey, can I get permission of submitting a competition on SRW?
TK100 on Jul-08-2010

Is there also a version with the new layout?
NinoF1 on Sep-17-2009

Is there also a version with the new layout?
NinoF1 on Sep-17-2009

Is there also a version with the new layout?
NinoF1 on Sep-17-2009

Oh thanks! I have raced this track IRL more times, and the mod is very realistic! Thumbs up!

Though, I get a bit smile in my face each time I load the track. The location is named "Risscov, Denmark". I live in Aarhus, just 3km from the Aarhus suberb Risskov (correctly spelled). It would certainly be a great joy for me and other Danish motorsport fans if someone placed a racetrack in Denmarks 2nd largest city :-D But I'm afraid it will never happen...

So, the correct location for Jyllandsringen is near Resenbro which is a Suberb of Silkeborg, some 50k from Risskov, Aarhus :-)

So correct location: Resenbro, Silkeborg, Denmark
(and not Risskov, where I live just next to)
stenovitz on Sep-28-2008

Thx for this track, this is great for people like me who enjoy drifting.
Maug on Sep-21-2008

Please fix the left path in the AIW. It has a kink or two and sometimes goes too far to the right (especially on start-finish line). As a result, AIs heap upon start. There's also some problem with the pit road where AIs tend to go too fast and crash in your rear, but I'm not quite sure what the problem is.
Nebehr on Sep-15-2008

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