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K-N-Saturday Night Shoot Out 0.10

By: Cole_Trickle and Eddy_Sport

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This is a mod made from Stockcar series but i made the skins from scrath my self and went with the FMS_Track pack and just other stuff added here have a look for your self its beta right now hope you enjoy if you need the fix email me at

feedback apriciated we welcome all feed back good or bad.

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OK this is officially dead since i lost contact from the last modder eddy_sport if i ever get in touch with him this will be back up since i have lost everything due to reformatting my pc eddie_sport is our only hope.
KIDXRATED on Oct-11-2010

Ok i have not contacted eddy_sport in a while i hope your still there eddy if so please get back to me at my email might need you to upload the mod if you have it
KIDXRATED on Dec-24-2009

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