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By: maxalan23

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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V1.00 Released

EXTRACT TO RfactorGameDataVehcilesf120092009

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awesome cars! love this welding
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

another thread full of constructive help for the creators.. prime eg... renthewog! how mature....

looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

This is a great track could make it that its possible to race it at day?? cause when i race tracks at night i got to low fps thx in advance keep up the good work.
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billyedwards on Jan-04-2019

link down
dominic9252 on Nov-14-2013

kers doesn't work with 2010 mods...
WaveMeUp on Apr-30-2011

Good morning Mr Maxalan23,

Does the kers works on F1 2010 mod? I just copied the upgrade file into ferrari folder.
I think kers is something similar to push to pass..when I push the "temporary boost" button I should have the kers effects?

Did you also made the tv style with kers?

my personal best regards

aleautoc on Feb-15-2011

here a link pls say thanks
++supra 4-ever++ on Aug-21-2010

Second above question.
Can this be used with F1 OWC 2010 mod?
Zireael on Jul-15-2010

Where can I download it?
TimAti on Jul-15-2010

wer i can find the download link
JEFFREY FALIZE !!!! ajax on Apr-20-2010

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