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Kangaloosh! carFactory 1.82

By: Kangaloosh!

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

carFactory helps you to create more realistic cars for rFactor.

* Build and analyse complex suspension geometries

* Design and implement realistic springs, dampers and roll-bars

* Analyse and edit rFactor tyre curves

* Analyse and edit rFactor aerodynamics

* Full kinematic analysis of rFactor cars

* Articulate suspension in 3D through full suspension travel

carFactory V1.8.2

* Minor bugfixes in Aero and Tyre players

* Major performance improvement, Aero Analysis about 10x faster

carFactory V1.8.1

* Thanks to all those who reported bugs in aeros

* This release addresses a number of minor issues with the aero player.

New in Version 1.8.0

Thanks again to TechAde for his testing :)

* Aero player: select body, diffuser, front and rear wings, left and right flick-ups. Chart total, front or rear downforce, total drag, balance or efficiency (L/D).

* Adjust aero settings as you would see them in rF garage (wing settings etc.) while charts redraw dynamically

* Aero editor: tweak the lift and drag equations while watching the charts redraw - tool-tips for every setting

* HDV generator, generate the aero sections of the HDV when you are happy with your aerodynamic performance.

Please note, this runs 2-3 times slower on Vista than XP.

PLEASE, PLEASE, report any bugs - while RSC is down please post the bugs here as a comment, thanks.

carFactory V1.7.1

Thanks to CarloMaker for spotting a bug and then for testing the bugfix.

* Tyres now save correctly on non-English Operating Systems.

* carFactory can now conect to the internet through a proxy server, with Auto-Detection of proxy server settings for sites using WPAD.

As with all new versions of carFactory, please report any bugs you find to the RSC link below, thank you!

New in Version 1.7.0

Thanks to TechAde for lots of testing with this version.

* Tyre curve editor.

* Tyre analysis, dynamically charts lateral/longitudinal slip (Fy vs slip), Load sensitivity, camber effects, self aligning torque, redrawing as you edit the curve shape. Click 'Edit' to change the tyre's coefficients and watch charts redraw.

* All charts will zoom - just drag the mouse across the area you wish to see in more detail. Right click on the chart to 'Un-zoom' and to choose other options.

* Constraints - restrict where carFactory can place suspension hard-points, so wishbones do not bisect the engine, driver etc!

* CISH (corrected inner suspension height) applied to mods as they are loaded in for analysis

* Many, many minor bug-fixes, thank you to everyone who reported a bug.

Please, please report any bugs to the carFactory thread at RSC, the link is below.



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Latest Kangaloosh! carFactory Comments

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If there is still anyone intrested in this program, the creator has asked to see some intrest in exchange of taking a look at the issues! Support in the isi forums
vrummvrummm on Dec-13-2016

Does anyone know a way to run CarFactory on Windows 8 machine ? All I can see is the error about Xenocode and application hangs.
Larus on Mar-09-2015

Hi, hello I can'nt connect to internet on a pc with Windows XP, the analysis section does not work, but if I can connect to a computer with windows 7 everything works, but I need being able to connect from the pc with windows xp. How I can solve it?
rovan75 on Jan-11-2015

Hello friend Kangaloosh is not generating a TBC model. It is only in this version 1.8.2?
LuisFelipeBRA on Sep-12-2014

Need help. I'm trying to make a slick slip curve and it doesn't generate a tbc file.
SmashingPants67 on Apr-05-2014

My Kangloosh Car Factory does not work correctly anymore. At first, I thought it was something wrong with my new mod, but it does the same for all my previous mods that it worked on before. What's up? It sounds like someone else mentioned. It is in the Analysis 3D section. The aero display seems to work, but no bump steer graphs or 3D view of the suspension travel etc.
DaveSR1 on Apr-14-2013

Hey, I've got a question. I'm making a private mod that will be released when I get permission. I'm using the IndyCar1995 Mod, and no matter what I try, either in CarFactory or Notepad, it doesn't turn down the steering sensitivity. I'm trying to make these cars compatible for dirt ovals. What I mean by steering sensitivity is like when I hit 50 mph, the car quickly jerks into an uncontrollable spinout. Any suggestions or help?
BirdThigh16 on Jun-24-2012

i can never understand why people use Rapidshare, can never download ANYTHING from Rapidshare...............I HATE RAPIDSHARE, SHOULD BE CALLED NEVERSHARE
angus94 on Jun-08-2012

Hi there,

I never understood why the carfactory had to connect to kangaloosh´s server to work; now the server seems to be down and the carfactory won´t work anymore.

Please please make the software work offline, no need to be online to work with it would be very nice - with this server being down all modding work has come to an end ;-)
51!N on Mar-03-2011

I need some help for analysis section of kangaloosh. I want load my hdv file on analysis section but gives me error. It says "the folowing error occured while opening an existing mod for analysis: Unable to parse .tbc tyre at c:\.."
Engine, tyre, pm, gears and damage files is in same folder with hdv. What is wrong in tbc file? I don't do anything, it's standart rfactor trainer tyre. Can anyone help?
Ft5fTL on Jan-18-2011

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