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Kantti 3.10

By: JTbo
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Novel
Initial release: 16-Oct-06
Current release: 3.100, on 09-Oct-11

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Screenie by: jtbo
Screenie by: jtbo
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_

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Update 6.11.2011

I made new body for Type1 Kantti and fixed bugs, it is now bit better, not perfect, but bit better, nothing like LVL3 kantti however.

You need to unzip update into Vehicles\JTbo_Kantti folder, there is only two skins that work with new body labeled as lvl4 as it is 4th generation car now.

Because of low weight it is rather quick to react, so driving is not very easy when driven hard. For some reason unwrap is not working how I would like to, but is splitting car to many pieces, treshold angle seem not to really help, but maybe I try to put 360 to that, perhaps it will then keep car as one piece, or then it gets all messed up, must try with better time.

Update 9.10.2011

LVL3 kantti has now new tyres and some physics changes, which makes it quite nice to drive, it does lack bit of power but that is bit of idea of it, still does around 200kph and drifting with it is quite nice.

Set your realfeel mix to 90%, max strength to 8500-10000 and car should help you countersteer rather well, also bumps are felt at corners etc normal stuff.

Tires have now more realistic slip angle, 5.9 degrees when there is load of 445kg, LVL3 kantti does weight 760kg, so slip angle is not easily going up to 5.9 degrees, still it is rather easy to control as there is really lot of rubber for such small power and weight car.

I recommend that you set your throttle sensitivity to 21% and FOV to 35 degrees to have similar experience driving that car as I'm having, it is pure enjoy to balance this car at edge of slide when exiting from corner, I will upload setup too that I use, so it should be easy to test car and feel it how it was made to be felt.

Sure it is ugly, but I'm not a graphics guy, feel free to make it pretty and be part of Kantti world, giving Kantti experience to everybody!

Update 20.7.2011 version 3.0.2 of Kantti

Hi all who reads this!

I did realize that I had not uploaded my latest version last time, that is over year ago, so now new download link is added.

There probably has been some changes to Hotrod LVL3 Kantti, at least idle speed is different what I could spot, but I have no any memory what I have done then and really I can't even remember how I have been able to make such mod, have been working my arse off at my job.

So as of now, changes that I could spot are:
Option to have roof (ugly) for LVL3 kantti (the hodrod)
Headlamps are prettyyy, I remember spending quite some time to make lenses, refractors and bulbs.
Option BIG engine for LVL3 kantti, it seem to have less power and rpm than Pro engine, but more torque, maybe suits for some other tracks better?

Try it, driving feels quite nice and with those plastic tyres + lot of torque it is dorifto at every corner, have some opposite lock fun!

Update 3.1.2010 version 3.0,1 of Kantti

Made few fixes, most important ones were getting lvl3 car to work also with lower detail levels. Other cars might loose good amount of parts if used in lower detail than MAX.
Only dx9 mode is supported currently, I have no idea what happens in dx8 or dx7 and currently I'm not too interested, maybe later when I get rest of quircks removed.

Spend over 3 hours trying to figure out how headlight glow should work, I have same settings as in other mod where glow works, but there is no success, I can make them blink or be invisible, must do some searching what were requirements and general idea with those as I have forgotten that.

Classes, teams and such are not checked either, there can be problems. v3 is Still WIP.

Update 1.2.2010 version 3 of Kantti

I did stumble at morning to this file which I had on HDD:

As I had day off I decided to test if I remember anything about rFactor anymore and imported model to rFactor, made physics to feel something like how Kantti Hotrod would be like, made sounds and all that. It is lvl3 in Kantti menu of Vehicles and it is quite fun to drive, or slide around track.

Also I did notice that model is free to be used in non commercial use, so I decided to let others enjoy from it too.

Note: There are no steering wheel or any instruments, there is incar view, also front wheels are not moving from incar view, I need to learn how to that some day. Installation as usual, extract to rFactor dir, remember to backup and remove old versions of Kantti.

Oh yes, sounds are not too good in lvl3, recorded with Canon Ixus 75 digicam and not much of editing done to them. Was about to record new sounds today, but local petrol station was out of petrol so couldn't get petrol to get V8 started.

I have no idea how it works in multiplayer, someone have to test and report about that.

Installation: extract to main rfactor dir

They are fast, they are ugly, they are too much fun :D

Originally whole mod made in 12 hours, me alone and from scratch of course as well are all textures (ok, Leopard and wood textures are from GIMP2 + rpm gauge face from picture of rpm gauge on net)

Car is RWD home garage made thing, with 130hp engine and 380kg total weight = fun

Sounds are from ZR, also tires, with few tweaks. Suspension made by me, it has also live axle + some things.

Mod is VERY fps friendly, should work with other than full detail settings too, but not tested as time limit came up, deal was make 12 hour mod (even it is now updated, it still is fps friendly).

Sorry there is only crap readme.

This is humour mod, something you can enjoy when having friends and beer, it is quite nice to drive, just needs better graphics.

It is like DrPepper, others love it other hate it, those who love it enjoy, those who hate, move on, there is perhaps some other mods you find worth to check out.

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Download setup for LVL3 kantti from link below, for some reason site refuses to give me list of tracks to choose which track setup is for and does not let me attach setup without selecting a track. Originally I made this setup for Longford, but it works well for Kyalami too, car suits best to those older tracks as it likes to slide around a bit.

Should be up in a moment, not that it would be likely anybody visiting link right away, but fair warning:

Some new updates will follow sometime in future, when you (or I) least except them.
jtbo on Oct-08-2011

I had forgotten how to make zip for a mod, so now I did re-upload with correct folders and files, rfm folder was missing from package previously as well as gamedata folder, should be easier to install now.
jtbo on Jul-25-2011

I did put up new version of Kantti, that lvl3 I find now rather nice to drive, force feedback is really good in it and it has quite fun driving feel, nothing is perfect, there are bugs but there are hardly any other car in any other sim that I actually like to drive these days, guess I have lost the spark of sim racing.
jtbo on Jul-20-2011

Thanks Dufoe, I did try to get feeling of those monsters even car is more of toycar with plastic tires and all that, I know that they did have terrible bad brakes back then, so at least that should be in line with those cars, also tires were not that grippy (who remembers Grand Prix Legends for example?) and engines had more torque than high revs, especially in standard form.

I did just upload fix to sounds, it makes sound more bearable in my opinion, also much better for cruising if someone likes to try that.
jtbo on Feb-04-2010

Great balls of fire! Thanks JTbo, your new updated file works great, no errors on mesh. Love the mod, brought me back to the 1950's and the "Little Duce Coupe". The drifting or sliding physics were a riot. Having a ball. Thanks again.
Dufoe on Feb-03-2010

That 4x4 should not cause problem, is actually used by other car's tires and other parts that are intended to be black, but I do remove that 4x4 in update as it has no place to be there really.

Upgrades seem to be working ok for type 1 here, need something more to find problem there.

I usually take Pro engine with Type 1, with LSD option and also fuel gauge. Power of that engine is quite lot for grip level of these things that even at 4th gear releasing full power must be done with caution, throttle control and smoothness are needed, so blipping throttle when changing down is a must, also throttle cut at upshifts, also as car is light and with bad junkyard tires it is not so important to run engine at high rpm, 5-7krpm does job as well.

Pro engine is very sensitive to overrevving, Club engine can't take punishment forever either, so it is important to check where max power comes and not rev far above that, things don't have limiter in that sense to protect engine, it is one of added feature to make driver to have options of overdoing in tight duel or waiting better moment to overtake.

Also it should not be possible to do racing as hotlapping, I have tried to make cars so that one have to keep racing pace when racing with few hotlaps possible now and then, but that is not finetuned yet.

In my opinion such cars in theory should provide better racing experience, also more realistic kind of racing.

It also makes some tactical elements too, which add to driving challenge.

I can be totally wrong with this thinking, but that is how racing is in real life, it should work in sim too.
jtbo on Feb-03-2010

oooooh... dont forget the 4x4 with black dds in mas file... that 'could be' causing issues with other mods?? type1/2 etc
_FIREWIRE_ on Feb-03-2010

Error loading mesh file JTBO_BODY_TYPE2.GMT to memory was my fault, it was indeed those detail level settings in upgrades file. will get that fixed. Also I will look those other issues too now, should not be too hard to fix them, if I just remember all that is an issue
jtbo on Feb-03-2010

Its worth trying to sort it out Ran a 20 car field at PukekohePark last night / type1 club cars / It was fun fun fun.. great little driver that car is..

I have run into a bug when going to circuit too, as JTbo says, it may be something to do with the upgrades, I did not have any earlier versions so v3 is a fresh install, but if I dont mess around with upgrades it seems ok.. also some issue (maybe) with the opponents selected.. dont have *or try to have* a mixed field.
All of this is a bit vague as far as bugs go, I do apologise, more extensive testing today. And I will try to take notes lol
tip with type 1 ease off accelerator when changing gears, use traction control too Run the car as it comes,no upgrades, using default set up and allow tyres to warm up..
It may look like a toy car but it certainly does not drive like one..

one thing that, does bug me but in a weird kindda way...
no driver in the seat.. lol..
it looks a bit scary when viewing any replay and theyre being driven by some strange invisible entity
seriously enjoying this.. the FPS is also a good bonus.. more detail and flow on circuits that previously where unraceable to me in some mods
Taking the type1 out on the Nordschleife later.. cant wait

ps... I may try hosting a server this weekend..
New set up on pc means i have to set it all up from scratch but if its possible, (providing I can get it to work)
I can see these being fun online, esp with the FPS not taking a big hit in large fields
_FIREWIRE_ on Feb-03-2010

Dufoe, one another thing I forgot, set car details to MAX, there is only one detail level really, but if you prefer using high, then you need to change lvl3upgrades.gen file, there are detail levels MAX, HIGH, MED, LOW, it would be needed to copy all lines in MAX to HIGH, MED and LOW, however I will make update to this so that perhaps at evening you can download version that works with more detail levels. Also I have tested only dx9 mode, cars are quite fps friendly so there should be not big issues with performance even if running all settings at max and dx9.
jtbo on Feb-03-2010

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