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Karelia Cross 1

By: KittX
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Rallycross
Initial release: 17-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 17-Oct-10

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Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: darkniel
Screenie by: darkniel
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse

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Karelia Cross v1.0
by KittX

This is my first finished track which was made using 3ds max.
It's more like benchmark of my ideas, so it's fantasy track,
which layout is based on arcade track from Rally Trophy,
but the scenery is based on real place in Karelia, Russia.
The race date is set to June, so don't forget to race at late evening and night,
this time of year there are very bright nights, since the sun is low for very short period of time.

Keeping everything quite hi detail, i've tried to optimize everything as much as i can, so there are lods almost for everything.
Maybe the AIW could be better, so feel free to contact me via NoGrip, if you've made any updates.

Max vehicles on track: 12

Tools and software used:
3ds Max

Best viewed in DX9 mode;

If you're running in DX7 or DX8 modes, put the files from "Water_DX8" to the track's directory.

Special thanks and credits to:

Bugbear for track layout (i had absolutely no idea what shape should the fantasy track have)
Tolmachevo Team for lo-poly vehicles
6e66o for sky pack
Siim Annuk for light flare shaders
Gilles Benoit and NormHart for corner workers.


If you want to convert the track to GTL/GTR2 - please contact me via NoGrip -
since i have no glue how lods and animations work in SimBin games,
i'd like to forward this to experienced track creator/converter.

Have fun!!!


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Sup. What's the best lap time registered for this track? I've made 43.668 with an Impreza 96. No AIDs, only ABS.
dnnadie on Mar-05-2016

from screebshots it look veru nice,thank you very much.
dvittael on Feb-22-2013

Would it be possible to release a tarmac version of the track?
saultenian on Jan-09-2013

Wow! Best track! thx KittX
neron2 on Oct-16-2012

KittX ? Weren't you a Rally Trophy modder who did a Lada ?
Yassence on Jun-02-2012

You're a genius KittX!! This absolutely my favourite gravel road. I do all my gravel tests at this track and me and my pals drive this like a Rally Special Stage, who has the best overall laptime few beers and hours of fun. I just love those full throttle jumps before corners like in Neste Rally Finland,you have to use "scandinavian flick" before the jump,to get car in right position into a it ! I use mainly RallyWorld 3.0 (can't find it in here),which is a great mod after HEAVY tweaking (sounds,tires,engine power),but there's a HUGE amount of the best rallycars (and they look great too). I recommend this track to everyone,no matter if you want to drive this like a rallycross track or a rally SS,you'll love this..keep'em coming KittX !!
jabe75 on Jul-29-2011

I'm surprised this came only 10th in the MOTY awards. It is in my opinion well above most and comparable to Salzburg by Com8(which deserves its place, don't get me wrong) in terms of quality.
CapitanulHaos on Feb-09-2011

An absolute blast with the SO76 Fiat X1/9!!! Thanks for a great track!
prof55 on Jan-19-2011

BUGULME on Jan-13-2011

VERY NICE !!!!!!!!
fredhot on Oct-26-2010

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